The Instillery does Vegas at AWS re:Invent

30 November 2016

This week some of The Instillery team are living it up in Vegas while attending the world’s largest public cloud conference. Referred to by some as “Cloud Heaven” the AWS re:Invent conference attracts over 24,000 people from around the world and has over 400 breakout sessions, bootcamps, certification opportunities and training events.

The team have been invited by our partners AWS and Cloudability to attend and hear more on global industry trends and the next iteration of cloud computing as businesses transition from traditional data centres to the public cloud. While there, they’ll also be joining forces with other Kiwi tech companies like Xero to do a recon mission to seek out and attract global talent back to NZ to help backfill some of the shortage we’re currently experiencing here.

And, most importantly, we’ll be unveiling what has been bit of a top-secret project at The Instillery HQ to the AWS market - which we can now let you in on too!

What is this top-secret project that you speak of? So here’s the inside scoop. After 10 months of development and testing, we can now announce that in early 2017 The Instillery will release our very own unique cloud optimisation and visibility tool, aptly named Clearstate. Having worked alongside a host of organisations over the past three years who have been on a similar trajectory with their ICT provisioning, we have taken our IP and lessons learnt from Clearstate Consulting and automated our thinking to extend our reach on a global scale.

We always strive to challenge the norm which is why we’re evolving our internal consulting processes to offer automated applications alongside our services processes. This allows us to reduce the cost of adoption and accelerate access to our unique approach of optimising business practices in the cloud. Whilst we’ve seen lots of businesses migrate from tin to the cloud, we believe that the next iteration of cost savings (which are huge by the way!) will come with visibility, security and a best practice approach.

Our Clearstate app is designed to provide cloud administrators, engineers and developers with knowledge and power to optimise their cloud systems for best performance in diverse, complex production environments. We see it as a single pane of glass to view and optimise all your AWS cloud deployments (including both live and historical data) by monitoring and automating day-to-day cloud administration and management operations.

The app provides straightforward and valuable information for C-level executives too with an intuitive interface that delivers relevant insights for business stakeholders, ensuring nothing is lost in translation. From global SaaS providers, to universities through to banks, healthcare providers and lean social enterprise start-ups, this approach is literally transforming the way these organisations do business.

Whether you manage a small or large cloud environment for your organisation, or are simply experimenting for research or dev purposes, the Clearstate app will provide the critical visibility and control you need to improve your cloud operations.

But don’t just take our word for it. To see how this thinking has helped Kiwi businesses do better business in the cloud check out our latest customer success story where the CTO from global enterprise Atlantis Healthcare shares his insights on what the shift has meant for them.

Want to get on board the Clearstate revolution? Applications for our Beta program are currently open and if you’re keen to be part of the Clearstate revolution you can register your interest here. We’ll be reviewing all applications over the Christmas break and opening up access to our beta approved applicants in January.

*Clearstate has achieved patent-pending status and is a trademark of The Instillery Group.