Connect the services that power your business

Megaport offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to interconnecting services and locations. The combination of a carrier backbone, interconnecting data centres and cloud providers, with Software-Defined-Networking, provides your business with high capacity connections that are scalable at the touch of a button. Our deep expertise in cloud network and SD-WAN solutions makes us the perfect partner to provide Megaport services and consulting.

Working with The Instillery is really good. It's convenient like it used to be. If you think of traditional IT businesses in New Zealand, it was just like that. I can just pick up the phone and talk to an engineer at The Instillery and get their advice. That's really cool.

Brad Watson

I.T. Operations Manager, Sanford

What We Offer

Cloud Connectivity

Whether you are using Azure, AWS or GCP for your business, we have likely been there and done that, having rolled out numerous landing zones for customers and integrating them with your core network. Whether you want a transit VPC with third party firewalls or a cloud native design, we can assist.

Megaport Cloud Router

With Megaport Cloud Router we can provide a huge range of design options to keep your traffic within particular regions and avoid unnecessary tromboning or the requirement to transit physical devices.

High Availability

We specialize in high availability SD-WAN designs, often incorporating multi-hub topologies avoiding single points of failure. We can design, deliver and manage solutions that incorporate carrier and site diversity.

Delivered to your doorstep

Megaport is great at connecting data centres and cloud providers together, but we can take that one step further, and deliver Megaport services to your doorstep as well as share a single Megaport connection between multiple sites you may have.


Did you know that your Megaport connection includes access to Megaports local peering exchanges? With lots of content and cloud services delivered via CDNs or directly into peering exchanges, we can ensure you have the best access to internet content.