Secure Remote Access

Connect users to their apps without the VPN 

VPNs were invented to provide remote access to private apps, and did this by connecting users to a network - generally the office or a local data centre. With private apps running in multiple cloud platforms and data centres, and the need for more granular policy driven controls, this approach no longer meets the modern security or user experience demands.

With Zscaler Private Access for zero-trust remote access, access to private apps is governed by policies defining which users can access which applications, regardless what network either party resides on. Further to this, as ZPA works through outbound established connections, there is no longer a requirement to have a publicly exposed VPN endpoint, allowing your data centres to go dark to would-be-attackers.

We strategically select partners based on their ability to exceed market expectations around cloud security innovation and customer experience. We’re delighted to join forces with The Instillery who are expert in their field and deliver best-of-breed solutions to their enterprise and mid-market customer base.

Scott Robertson

Vice President - Asia Pacific & Japan, Zscaler

How We Do It

Rapid Deployment

As a cloud based service, no appliances or complex network configurations are required to get up and running. Implement secure remote working and private application access in days.

Authorised Users Only

Authenticate users against your directory service or SSO solution to provide application access to only authorised users and groups.

Improved User Experience

Allow users to access private applications from a range of devices without the need for VPN support. Improve performance by no longer transiting unnecessary networks to reach your apps.

Application Segmentation

Micro-tunnels allow application by application segmentation to be achieved without the need to create new network segments or ACLs.

Never Grant Network Access

By limiting access to applications rather than networks, you can effectively protect against lateral attacks that move sideways through a network.

Secure Internet Delivery

Deliver your private apps across the Internet through secure tunnels established using TLS and customer PKI.