Data no longer resides on-premise allowing users and end customers to be truly mobile. Services are available anywhere, documents can be easily shared for collaboration. As a result, organisations are required to think differently about how both their users and applications are secured.

The Instillery’s Cloud Security suite has been designed to face today’s security challenges using best in breed toolsets and insights to provide a total package for our customers.

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  • Protect Users.

    Cloud services bring high levels of inbuilt security, however users do not. We are increasingly seeing attacks targeted towards end users as a way of compromising business applications and data. In today’s age, organisations must consider how to protect their user base and not leave them vulnerable to attack – or at least detect suspicious activity as soon as possible.

    Our web security offering protects users wherever they might be in the world, no matter the device with DNS, web proxy and next gen firewall all offered out of the cloud, and delivered from over 100 data centres across the globe.

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  • Protect Services.

    An organisation’s web presence is often the first port of call for potential customers with online stores, web applications and self service websites increasingly becoming the norm for doing business. With our cloud web application firewall, organisations benefit from security and increased performance to ensure your customers have a secure and reliable experience.

    Security includes the application level intelligence to block common threats, as well as DDOS mitigation. Built as a cloud service, DDOS attacks are able to be mitigated as close as possible to the point of origin, and have been able to withstand attacks of multi-hundred of Gbps. This architecture also means the services offers the benefits of a Content Delivery Network, providing customers improved performance no matter where they are in the world.

  • Protect Data.

    Moving servers and services to the cloud provides access to a host of new security controls. This is good news for systems or security operations teams, the only downside is that with the additional granularity, there is also increased complexity. This is not always helped by administrative interfaces that are not particularly attractive. With Cloud Infrastructure Security harnessing these features becomes easy, as well as being able to raise alerts and remediate issues or changes as they occur.

    Integrated with cloud native security controls, leverage the most effective and economic security controls while maintaining manageability. The value of this approach is even more apparent when working across multiple public cloud platforms – Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are all supported.

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    Organisations today create a large amount of log data from various devices and services. Analysing this data is an effective way to detect threats or compromises. Too often, maintaining these systems results in expensive licensing and relentless hardware upgrades with few meaningful insights.

    We provide actionable insights using threat data from leading security intelligence firms, as well as customised dashboards for Office 365, G-Suite, and cloud platforms AWS and Azure.


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