We are a technology company born and bred with a start-up mindset and a challenger attitude.

We’re here to shake up the world of technology and make sure that New Zealand businesses get the best of the best – in capability and in service – and are powered up for today and tomorrow.

Our purpose is to instill belief, and pour capability, into the bloodstream of businesses.

Our Process





We craft a powerful technology suite for your business

We distill complex problems into plain language and business outcomes. Crafting the perfect blend of leading global tech solutions for your needs, ambitions, your team and your environment.


We instill confidence, action and capability in your business

We instill capability in your hands, at your place, at your pace, working alongside you as your trusted co-pilot. Instilling fierce belief in you, your people and what your business is capable of.


We never ‘set and forget’

We iterate, improve and future-proof so you’re always running at speed. Working with you to build your innovation engine to deliver faster and more efficiently as part of your digital transformation ambitions.


Unsure of where you are in your journey? Get started here.


Modern Work


Managed Services


  • Develop my public cloud strategy
  • Evaluate my move to cloud
  • I want a best practice landing zone for cloud
  • I want to migrate to cloud
  • I want you to manage and operate my cloud platform
  • Optimise my apps for cloud using serverless and PaaS
  • Unlock my businesses data to enable data-driven insights


Cloud is the fuel that powers business innovation and digital transformation. The Instillery is NZ’s number one cloud partner with a focus on outcomes, with shared risk and commitment to business goals. 

Our AnyCloud philosophy sees us as partners of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as well as providing VMware based hybrid and private cloud solutions. We use an ecosystem of leading tools and services to connect, protect, secure, automate and manage cloud platforms. 

Whatever the destination for your business, we are there to maximise your impact by empowering your team with our unique co-pilot approach to service delivery. We’re proud to have been part of building DOC’s Pest free 2050 initiative, Auckland Council’s Smart Growth Data portal, containerising TSB Bank's web platform and building a scalable cloud environment for Vault Intelligence's SaaS platform to protect remote workers, and would love to be part of your story too!


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Cloud Strategy

Fuel your cloud ambitions with a comprehensive strategy

With organisations hungry to realise the benefits of cloud, a clear strategy provides the focus and aligns stakeholders with business priorities. Our cloud strategy service involves a number of workshops to provide a high-level strategy canvas for cloud adoption in your organisation. With a focus on aligning stakeholders, agreeing on priorities and benefit realisation, you have a clear picture of how cloud will enable your business, and map a path to cloud success that is unique to your organisation.

Cloud Discovery

Plan your journey to cloud with a trusted co-pilot

Making the right choice when embarking on a move to public cloud can be the determining factor in the successful execution of a digital strategy. We pride ourselves on our methodology and toolset which result in data-driven contextual insights. Our Cloud Discovery team are specialists in delivering executable cloud strategies tailored to our customers. No more guesswork. No wasteful overprovisioning. Just knowing that you’re making the best decisions for tangible business results.

Cloud Landing Zone

Land on a solid platform to build your cloud infrastructure

Having a best practice cloud environment configured and baselined is the first step in preparing to build new apps, or move existing ones to the cloud. By getting the structures in place at the start, your business can operate and scale at pace without second-guessing yourself or looking over your shoulder for problems to start occurring. Our cloud landing zones are built to very latest vendor best practices, coupled with our depth of experience to get the right design for your needs whether you’re a startup, a corporate or a government agency.

Cloud Migration

Move today with NZ’s public cloud leader

Migrating to public cloud with The Instillery provides you with the confidence to move fast while getting the proven experience The Instillery have acquired through some of NZ’s largest and most challenging cloud migrations. Starting with a proven, data-driven approach, we will assess your workloads, build you a secure cloud landing zone and migrate your workloads using Microsoft’s latest cloud migration tools. Our co-pilot approach will empower your team to adopt and embrace the cloud with infrastructure automation using code templates.

Cloud Care

Maximise cloud success with proactive cloud management

Public cloud underpins the delivery of critical applications to internal or external users. Monitoring, optimising and securing your cloud platform on an ongoing basis improves performance while removing unnecessary costs.

With our team of cloud experts working alongside your team with our unique co-pilot approach, your team remains empowered and in control, as your cloud story builds.

Our service uniquely provides both support for day-to-day operations, while we maintain a backlog of enhancements and proactively improve your cloud environment month by month.

Cloud App Modernization

Bringing your Apps into the cloud era

Your organisation, like many, likely has a raft of applications spanning from decades of IT practice. Call them monoliths, or label them as technical debt, they are likely costly, complex in nature, and stifle the type of innovation businesses look for with digital services.

Our Cloud App Modernization takes the business value in these applications, such as the processes and data you have built up over years, and replatforms them on cloud native services, opening them up to opportunities to innovate and optimize, while reducing costs and risk. We work closely with your team to identify candidates for modernization that align with business goals, and deliver a demonstrable return on investment.

By bringing your apps into the cloud era, we bring new life to tired systems.

Data Platforms & Analytics

Secure and scalable data services

Unlocking valuable data in your business can provide immediate benefits and impact. Rather than focusing on industry lingo like “big data” which often comes at a big cost, our data services take the approach of starting small with subsets of business data and realistic use cases. Using Infrastructure as Code and DataOps practices, we are able to rapidly establish a platform that provides a catalogue for business users to consume for analytics and intelligence or functionality for applications or APIs. Security and governance processes can be baked right into the catalogues for confidence that you have your business data under control.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Meeting local need with global capability

Our private and hybrid cloud solutions provide maximum flexibility where you aren’t yet ready to go all in on public cloud. Whether you have application constraints, licensing challenges or need to use capital expenditure, our solutions will provide you a solution for today, with a pathway to the future. Whether they are built and hosted by us (as-a-Service) or handed over to your operational team, you are provided a robust solution, that is pre-designed to enable you to burst into public cloud for capacity or specialised services that you can’t build yourself.

If your business needs a strategy that bridges the gap between where you need to be today, and where you want to be tomorrow, our private and hybrid cloud solutions provide the perfect mix.

  • I want to understand the benefits of M365 for my business
  • I want to move to M365
  • I need help managing M365
  • I want to collaborate using voice and chat
  • I want to migrate to Windows 10

Modern Work

With expectations about how we work changing, organisations need to ensure that their staff are able to work productively regardless of where they are or which device they are using.

The Instillery has a proven track record designing and implementing best-in-class Modern Workplace solutions for private enterprise and public sector customers. The outcomes and operational flexibility required by a small 10 seat operation are the same as a large 10,000 seat enterprise and we are the partner with the knowledge and capability to support the full range of customer journeys.

M365 Discovery

Define your collaborative workplace

Choose how your workforce will achieve their productivity goals by selecting the right digital tools to connect and support employees wherever they are. Improve engagement and increase collaboration by combining communication, productivity and security products together into a single, seamless experience.

M365 Migration

Stay ahead of the curve

We manage, communicate and build your end-user experience for the future. Transitioning to a platform which enables your employees to quickly find the information they require and collaborate effectively, all while experiencing an uplift in security posture is our goal with this service and our track record speaks for itself.

M365 Management

Rich toolset, simple management

Accelerating adoption and reducing rework by taking all the complexity out of Microsoft 365.  We share a single administration portal to define guide rails, policies and proactively define the application experience.  Helping you adhere to industry regulations, configure user settings and collaborate with partners whether they’re internal or external.


Collaboration without compromise

Teams is the new interface for M365 productivity. Chat, meet and collaborate anywhere on any document. Designed to enable groups to work together by aggregating all content in one application, Microsoft Teams surfaces data relevant to you and enables knowledge of a subject matter to be built quickly by integrating individual contributions from all channel members.

Microsoft 365 enables remote work to be performed by all employees and Teams assists with driving a high rate of adoption by using robust communications and putting the human element back into the remote team.

Windows 10

The best Windows keeps getting better

Businesses need an added layer of security and manageability as companies move to remote work. Windows 10 enables advanced features to support this transition, including remote updates, management, VDI and intelligent malware protection.

New Windows as a Service update delivery options keeps Windows 10 functioning at the latest patch level to ensure security and functionality remain at the highest level.

  • I want internet and WiFi for my business
  • I want cloud optimised, modern business connectivity
  • I want private connectivity to the public cloud
  • I want an advanced cloud network


As services move to the cloud and users become increasingly mobile, the traditional way of constructing a business network becomes obsolete. Unleashing the benefits of UFB, we’ll provide you with the quickest and safest path to the cloud, providing secure connectivity everywhere.

You’ll be able to deploy new services and applications quicker and drastically simplify operational complexity in the wide area network (WAN).


Gain agility with Network as a Service.

Managing networks have traditionally been the realm of engineers, and locked up complicate looking screens. This has meant a lack of agility and visibility for organisations wanting simple outcomes - connecting users to the internet and apps. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that hard.
Our network as a service offers you a choice of Wifi-as-a-Service or Network-as-a-Service. Depending on your needs, we’ll provide wifi or an end-to-end network solution that includes internet and wide-area-network connectivity. You’ll also have access to a web dashboard providing oversight of what is happening on your network. Simplicity and outcomes are what connectivity should be about.


Break free from old style connectivity

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) offers organisations the quickest and safest path to the cloud, providing secure connectivity everywhere. Connecting your users and offices to cloud services is critical to provide the best experience and ensure visibility into what's going across the network. Utilise next-gen network technology to rocket into the cloud.


Connect the services that power your business

Megaport offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to interconnecting services and locations. The combination of a carrier backbone, interconnecting data centres and cloud providers, with Software-Defined-Networking, provides your business with high capacity connections that are scalable at the touch of a button. Our deep expertise in cloud network and SD-WAN solutions makes us the perfect partner to provide Megaport services and consulting.

Transit VPC/VNET

Cloud networking made easy

On the surface cloud networking looks simple, but as soon as you scratch the surface and want to integrate your public cloud solution with your core network, things start to get a bit more complicated. We design and deliver cloud networking solutions day in, day out, with experience integrating most major firewall vendors into a transit VPC or VNET design. If you’re stuck deciding on the best option for your business, we can help you out with cloud native designs, deploying virtual firewalls and blending the two.

  • Support my employees
  • Completely manage all my IT needs
  • Support my applications
  • Procure and manage my devices and OS
  • Patch, maintain and monitor my servers
  • Deploy and/or manage my network connectivity
  • Manage and optimise my cloud platform

Managed Services

With the expansion of technology into every facet of our own and our customers’ lives, both the complexity of the IT function and the workload of the in-house IT department has grown exponentially. Whether it’s managing and supporting applications, cloud platforms, networks or services, by partnering with The Instillery, you’ll free up time and resources to go beyond the essential but expected tasks involved with keeping the organisation up and running and into a more rewarding territory, such as contributing to innovation and customer satisfaction.

From supporting general enquiries right through to outsourcing your entire IT team,  The Instillery handles your needs with a level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness impossible to replicate in house.  We have the scale to give you access to enterprise-grade resources and know-how but we’re still lean enough to be agile, personable and highly responsive.

Managed Support

24x7 support for your users throughout the year

By managing the support of multiple customers, we’re able to deliver support for your users more efficiently than smaller, in-house teams are able to.  You name it, we’ve seen it - and we know how to fix it.

Managed I.T.

Let us completely manage your IT needs

With the expansion of technology into every facet of our own and our customers’ lives, both the complexity of the IT function and the workload of the in-house IT department has grown exponentially. By partnering with The Instillery, you’ll free up time and resources to go beyond the essential but expected tasks involved with keeping the organisation up and running and into more rewarding territory, such as contributing to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The Instillery handles the day-to-day IT needs of its clients with a level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness they find impossible to replicate in house.  We have the scale to give you access to enterprise-grade resources and know-how but we’re still lean enough to be agile, personable and highly responsive.


Streamline support for your application

Today, the average organisation relies on 10 - 15 core business applications for their day-to-day business operations. This means that in-house IT teams depend on multiple third-party vendors for their application support needs, leading to fragmented services, end-user frustration, loss of productivity and increased downtime, and ultimately puts a doorstop on their capacity for innovation and growth. But whether you’re using SaaS products, modernising your legacy applications or building your own, the solution remains the same: a streamlined support service from a single point of contact.


Managed to your expectations

The workday experience has changed more in the last 10 years than at any time previously and the expectations of business services consumers have shifted alongside. The traditional model of locking down devices and heavily configuring every aspect of the work interface is moving towards the consumer experience where individuals shape the way they work, and a significant uplift in productivity has been realised as a result. Let us help you define the best work experience for your users, implement your vision and provide ongoing support to ensure continued success.

Server Care

Keeping your critical systems running at their best.

Some of our core business applications operate on servers, whether they are hosted in the public cloud, a local data centre of on-premise at the office. By keeping servers up to date, monitoring their performance and fixing things when they go wrong, your business can stay running smoothly and securely.

Server Care provides the ultimate care package for these servers, looking after the hypervisor, core operating system and key applications. Our best in market support, with unparalleled customer satisfaction, is ready and waiting to support your key business systems.


The lifeblood of connected businesses

Our networks have never been more important to us than they are now! With the majority of our apps and data now hosted in the cloud, we’re not doing business if we’re not online. Our network services includes supporting your current business network, through to full network refreshes, and providing you totally managed Network-as-a-Service options. 

Our team of experts are qualified and experienced in a broad range of technologies from SD-WAN to firewalls and right down to the wifi access points connecting your end users. Whether you need to connect a site in the most remote parts of Aotearoa or are plugging into high capacity cloud connections, we almost certainly have services that can get your users the best network experience around.

Cloud Care

Maximise cloud success with proactive cloud management.

Public cloud underpins the delivery of critical applications to internal or external users. Monitoring, optimising and securing your cloud platform on an ongoing basis improves performance while removing unnecessary costs.

With our team of cloud experts working alongside your team with our unique co-pilot approach, your team remains empowered and in control, as your cloud story builds.

Our service uniquely provides both support for day-to-day operations, while we maintain a backlog of enhancements and proactively improve your cloud environment month by month.

  • Protect my users
  • Protect my applications
  • Protect my cloud
  • Help me securely access applications
  • I want to work with New Zealand's Zscaler experts
  • I want to ditch corporate WAN with true Zero Trust network access


Data no longer resides on-premise allowing users and end customers to be truly mobile. Services are available anywhere, documents can be easily shared for collaboration. Users are connecting directly to cloud services with no need to route through on-premise infrastructure. As a result, organisations are required to think differently about how both their users and applications are secured.

The Instillery’s security suite has been designed to face today’s security challenges using best in breed toolsets and insights to provide a total package for our customers.

Want to learn about our approach to security? See here.

Cloud Web Security

Protect your users anywhere

Cloud has enabled a mobile workforce and employees can now work from anywhere – from different time zones to different devices. As a result, targeting end-users has become a common means of compromising IT systems.

As the internet becomes the new corporate network, organisations should be able to ensure network security moves with users. Put a perimeter around your users, and with the most advanced cloud security platform available.

Cloud WAF

Secure your critical services

An organisation’s web presence is often the first port of call for potential customers, with online stores, web applications and self service websites increasingly becoming the norm for doing business. With our cloud web application firewall, organisations benefit from security and increased performance to ensure your customers have a secure and reliable experience.

Security includes the application level intelligence to block common threats, as well as DDOS mitigation. Built as a cloud service, DDOS attacks are able to be mitigated as close as possible to the point of origin, and have been able to withstand attacks of multi-hundred Gbps. This architecture also means the services offer the benefits of a Content Delivery Network, providing customers improved performance no matter where they are in the world.

Public Cloud Security

Enhance AWS, Azure and GCP security

A security strategy is an integral part of planning a move to public cloud. The temptation can be to try and replicate existing security systems although data is no longer in your data centre. Often this can be detrimental to cost, efficiency, performance and security.

Public cloud providers offer some very real benefits by taking responsibility for protecting the infrastructure that runs all the cloud services. In other areas they have provided native features that allow for powerful, granular security control for both network security and Identity and Access Management.

Secure Remote Access

Connect users to their apps without the VPN 

VPNs were invented to provide remote access to private apps, and did this by connecting users to a network - generally the office or a local data centre. With private apps running in multiple cloud platforms and data centres, and the need for more granular policy driven controls, this approach no longer meets the modern security or user experience demands.

With Zscaler Private Access for zero-trust remote access, access to private apps is governed by policies defining which users can access which applications, regardless what network either party resides on. Further to this, as ZPA works through outbound established connections, there is no longer a requirement to have a publicly exposed VPN endpoint, allowing your data centres to go dark to would-be-attackers.


NZ’s leading Zscaler Partner

As the only organisation in NZ that is certified to do deployments on Zscaler’s behalf and the 2019 Zscaler NZ Partner of the Year, The Instillery are your local Zscaler experts. Having worked with many of NZ’s leading organisations such as Auckland Council, Watercare and Financial Markets Authority, we have extensive experience in designing, deploying and operating highly scalable, Zscaler solutions across complex environments.

As a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader 10 years in a row and trusted by 450 of the Forbes Global 2000, Zscaler provide the only zero trust platform that securely connects any user, any device and any app over any network.


Zscaler Authorised Partner Managed Services Zscaler Authorised Partner Delivery Services Zscaler Zenith Partner Logo

Zero Trust Network Access

Provide access to your applications, not your entire network

Zero Trust Network Access is built on the principle of least-privileged access where no user or application is inherently trusted. Instead, they are provided with only the most granular access required to perform their function.

Traditionally IT security models have granted access to applications and data by implied trust - users are able to access a network and therefore they are able to access applications and data on that network, broadening the attack surface and allowing for lateral movement after a breach occurs.

The traditional method also had flaws with experience as the users had to rely on connection tools like a VPN for remote access which is both cumbersome and creates yet again another attack vector.

The Instillery is New Zealand’s leading Zscaler partner and provider of Zero Trust solutions. We believe that zero trust extends beyond users connecting to applications and identifying and controlling how applications communicate with each other, and how multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and branches integrate into this solution.

The rapid increase of Work-From-Anywhere has accelerated Zero Trust adoption, broken down misconceptions and overcame objections. We specialise in integrating zero trust into your existing network, providing roadmaps to enhance your posture over time and implementing strategies such as strict isolation for legacy network segments that are not immediately able to adopt a zero-trust posture. For others, we can help you ditch the corporate WAN altogether!

Our Clients

The Instillery have an innate understanding of our business and provide us with the IT support, agility and responsiveness our business needs in today’s global and digital marketplace.

Paul Littlefair

Chief Information Officer, Livestock Improvement Corporation

Working with The Instillery has been great. They have delivered something quite unique. They've worked in our team as part of our processes. They've achieved something quite significant in moving some very large databases over in real-time without any data loss. Approaching The Instillery was a no brainer for us.

Jai Ivarsson

Head of Technology, realestate.co.nz

Investing in cybersecurity is akin to putting brakes in a car. It doesn’t stop you moving forward, it gives you the confidence to go faster.

John Paull

Head of Operations, Milford Asset Management