AWS Services

Plan your journey to cloud with a trusted co-pilot

Our AWS services offer customers a full spectrum of services depending on the customer's requirements. These services are built upon standardised building blocks, providing quicker time to delivery and certainty around the outcome.

These services can be provided as a complete customer journey from evaluating your readiness, through to migration and finally, to the modernisation of your cloud applications. We incorporate expert advice, best practice AWS cloud design, organisational readiness assessments, cost optimization, AWS secure design and build coupled with automation using infrastructure as code with CI/D pipelines into the delivery of these services.

The Instillery Co-pilot approach delivers value alongside customers and their teams, upskilling and collaborating through the delivery process. This prepares customer teams for operating and consuming AWS cloud resources and ensures capacity and capability are built throughout the delivery of the services.

Case studies

 Loyalty NZ Case Study  Tuatahi First Fibre TFF Case Study

You could not hope for a more engaged partner. Not just the initial discovery piece of our current state of play, but also where the final destination should be on that journey and throughout the process. They didn’t just deal with us as a partner, they took all of our vendors on that journey. It is absolutely invaluable.

Raf Rasile

GM - Digital Innovation, Fonterra

How We Do It

Cloud Tools

Using industry-leading tooling, and the best fit of migration methodologies, we will shift and transform your workloads for optimal cloud operations.

Migrate with the Experts

Microsoft Certified engineers and consultants/architects who can design the right migration strategy for Microsoft workloads (Windows Server and SQL Server) and Linux workloads on AWS EC2. With our cloud and development teams we can also modernise or migrate your applications to serverless and micro-services based architectures.

AWS Well-Architected

Leveraging the AWS Well-Architected Framework alongside our extensive cloud experience, we design and build secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure such as AWS Landing Zones.

Data Platform Design, Management & Support

Starting with use cases or hypotheses, we are able to work with your business subject matter experts to experiment with different approaches, extract the most value out of your data, and then grow as needed.

Secure by Design

Based on our standard template designs and assessed against the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) framework, we incorporate the latest cloud security practices into our deployments providing you with the confidence to move to the cloud fast.

Cloud Adoption Framework for AWS

Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework is a collection of documentation, implementation guidance, best practices, and tools that are proven guidance from AWS Professional Services for Partners such as us designed to accelerate your cloud adoption journey.


Delivered as an Envisioning workshop, the Envision phase helps you create a foundation for your cloud strategy that returns ongoing measurable value to your organization, connecting your business goals and outcomes to enabling technologies, identifying key measures, and helping you prioritize your cloud initiatives.


Delivered as a facilitator-led workshop that will result in an executable action plan, the Align phase helps you determine what cloud adoption means to your organization, understand how key stakeholders benefit, establish the best approach, and drive clarity to guide your organization's change management during your cloud journey.


AWS CAF Action Plans helps you develop workstreams for production cloud deployment, execute your cloud projects, proactively address stakeholder's concerns, and start leveraging the cloud for incremental business value.

Realize Value

Recognize and measure incremental business value and iterate to deliver against plans. Continually evaluate your cloud strategy to align with envisioned outcomes and identify additional cloud projects to realize ongoing value.