Guiding Loyalty NZ on its cloud transformation

24 January 2023

Case Study: VMware Cloud on AWS

Loyalty NZ is a data analytics and marketing firm that has helped Kiwi businesses better understand their customers for two and half decades. Over the years their infrastructure has naturally evolved into a blend of legacy data centres and native cloud services. However, this complex infrastructure solution has resulted in significant operational challenges and technical debt.

Delivering a complex migration in challenging times

Loyalty NZ understood that a comprehensive cloud transformation journey was needed to future-proof its business. This migration to VMware Cloud and subsequent decommissioning of its legacy data centres represented the first important step of this journey. But with so much risk involved, their technology team first had to prove that this could be achieved with minimal disruption. Despite New Zealand’s nationwide lockdown preventing our project teams from meeting in person, Loyalty NZ trusted our approach and solution and, as a result, we were able to complete the migration under budget and on time. Download our full case below to find out more.

Download Full Case Study