Transit VPC/VNET

Cloud networking made easy

On the surface cloud networking looks simple, but as soon as you scratch the surface and want to integrate your public cloud solution with your core network, things start to get a bit more complicated. We design and deliver cloud networking solutions day in, day out, with experience integrating most major firewall vendors into a transit VPC or VNET design. If you’re stuck deciding on the best option for your business, we can help you out with cloud native designs, deploying virtual firewalls and blending the two.

Working with The Instillery is really good. It's convenient like it used to be. If you think of traditional IT businesses in New Zealand, it was just like that. I can just pick up the phone and talk to an engineer at The Instillery and get their advice. That's really cool.

Brad Watson

I.T. Operations Manager, Sanford

What We Offer

Cloud Connectivity

Whether you are using Azure, AWS or GCP for your business, we have likely been there and done that, having rolled out numerous landing zones for customers and integrating them with your core network. Whether you want a transit VPC with third party firewalls or a cloud native design, we can assist.

Network Integration

Ordering your Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect or Google Cloud Interconnect is the easy part. But then you have to think about how you will plumb that into your public cloud environment as well as your local network. Our team are experts in cloud as well as networking experts, providing you an optimal design for your business.

Cloud Security

When it comes to network security for cloud there are a whole range of options available. We deploy both cloud native and traditional network security services to meet our customers needs, often blending the two approaches to provide defence in depth.

Delivered to your doorstep

We take you one step further than just designing and deploying your cloud transit VPC or VNET. We can deliver high speed connectivity to your doorstep as well as share a single cloud connect between multiple sites you may have.