Cloud Care

Maximise cloud success with proactive cloud management

Public cloud underpins the delivery of critical applications to internal or external users. Monitoring, optimising and securing your cloud platform on an ongoing basis improves performance while removing unnecessary costs.

With our team of cloud experts working alongside your team with our unique co-pilot approach, your team remains empowered and in control, as your cloud story builds.

Our service uniquely provides both support for day-to-day operations, while we maintain a backlog of enhancements and proactively improve your cloud environment month by month.

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You could not hope for a more engaged partner. Not just the initial discovery piece of our current state of play, but also where the final destination should be on that journey and throughout the process. They didn’t just deal with us as a partner, they took all of our vendors on that journey. It is absolutely invaluable.

Raf Rasile

GM - Digital Innovation, Fonterra

From roads to buildings, water pipes and bus shelters, we have been able to connect all of Auckland’s assets digitally for the 1st time. Quite simply, when it comes to Cloud, The Instillery is the best! We have built something quite special, and I know it will provide us with a different way of planning & managing the city, which is really what we want to do, in fact - we need to do.

Dr Haydn Read

Development Program Office, Auckland Council

The Instillery has delivered a scalable, robust, secure public cloud platform, connectivity and security that enables us to run virtual annual general meetings from for the NZX50, allowing us to run the technology for clients that have 100 shareholders to those that have 1.2 million shareholders.

Will Malan

Head of Client Management & Business Information, Link Market Services

How We Do It

Expert Cloud Support

Call on our team of experts for support and escalation of cloud platform performance or availability issues, and for assistance and support with cloud configuration. Chatops available general enquiries and discussion about your cloud service.

Monitoring & Alerting

With visibility into your cloud environment, we are able to provide rapid responses to issues or even detect them before they occur. We monitor your systems 24x7 looking at performance, capacity and availability.

Cost Optimisation

Cost optimisation is a key aspect of well managed public cloud. Using industry-leading tools, we provide insights into opportunities to optimise costs ensuring your business is paying for what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Security & Compliance

Move fast with public cloud while staying secure with security and compliance monitoring, which will alert of critical configuration changes, provide compliance scanning against industry standards and baseline security against best practices.

Cloud Advisory

Leverage years of experience when you need advice on best practices public cloud architecture and design such as tagging and taxonomy, account structures, security and networking and automation.

What We Offer

Support Services

At the core of Cloud Care is our operational support services, based upon industry best practice and our unique insights into what makes public cloud a success within businesses of all sizes.

Expert Team

With our cloud support team is a highly qualified team, with years of collective experience and complementary skill sets that you get access to across discipline such as networking, data or automation, as well as core cloud skills.

Cloud Co-Pilot

We believe in supporting you and your team, not holding the controls at ransom. With co-pilot support, we work as a collective team, with full access and visibility to the tools we use, upskilling your team along the way.


We make it easy for you to contact us, with integrated ChatOps support acting as a direct line to our team of public cloud specialists. Your team can work with us as you do internally. We also offer traditional means of contact.