Azure Services

Plan your journey to cloud with a trusted co-pilot

As holders of Microsoft’s Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure advanced specialization and winners of the Microsoft Migration Partner of the Year award, you’re in good hands with our team of cloud experts.

Our Azure services offer customers a full spectrum of services depending on the customer's requirements. These services are built upon standardised building blocks, providing quicker time to delivery and certainty around the outcome.

These services can be provided as a complete customer journey from evaluating your readiness to migration and finally to the modernisation of your cloud applications. We incorporate expert advice, best practice Azure cloud design, organisational readiness assessments, cost optimization, Azure secure design and build coupled with automation using infrastructure as code into delivering these services.

The Instillery Co-pilot approach delivers value alongside customers and their teams, upskilling and collaborating through the delivery process. This prepares customer teams for operating and consuming Azure cloud resources, and ensures capacity and capability are built throughout the delivery of the services.

Case Studies

You could not hope for a more engaged partner. Not just the initial discovery piece of our current state of play, but also where the final destination should be on that journey and throughout the process. They didn’t just deal with us as a partner, they took all of our vendors on that journey. It is absolutely invaluable.

Raf Rasile

GM - Digital Innovation, Fonterra

From roads to buildings, water pipes and bus shelters, we have been able to connect all of Auckland’s assets digitally for the 1st time. Quite simply, when it comes to Cloud, The Instillery is the best! We have built something quite special, and I know it will provide us with a different way of planning & managing the city, which is really what we want to do, in fact - we need to do.

Dr Haydn Read

Development Program Office, Auckland Council

The Instillery has delivered a scalable, robust, secure public cloud platform, connectivity and security that enables us to run virtual annual general meetings from for the NZX50, allowing us to run the technology for clients that have 100 shareholders to those that have 1.2 million shareholders.

Will Malan

Head of Client Management & Business Information, Link Market Services

How We Do It

Map Your Systems

We discover your systems and their dependencies to make sure the data exists to understand the logical mapping of your applications.

Resource Optimised

Your existing workloads are mapped to the best cloud VM instance for performance and cost-effectiveness based on resource utilisation. Remove the guesswork of capacity based sizing.

Migration Scheduling

Not all applications are ready to move to the cloud, or as easy as others. We build a schedule of your workloads and applications for orderly migration.

Landing Zone Benchmark

We will build your new Azure landing zone or audit your existing Azure deployment, against the CIS framework. Your landing zone will be codified in Terraform working with Microsoft’s latest templates.

Cloud Tools

Using Microsoft’s cloud migration tooling, and the best fit of migration methodologies, we will shift and transform your workloads for optimal cloud operations.

Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

The Cloud Adoption Framework is a collection of documentation, implementation guidance, best practices, and tools that are proven guidance from Microsoft designed to accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Azure Cloud Strategy

Reviewing or creating cloud strategies for customers considering a move to Azure. This includes cost analysis, benefits mapping, governance frameworks and organisational readiness. Our cloud strategy service leverages nearly a decade of experience to provide the best business outcome for your Azure journey.



As part of our Azure Cloud Adoption Framework, we help analyse current workloads and environments for suitability and to aid planning for a migration to Azure. Cloud Discovery provides cost forecasting and performance optimisation for workloads moving to cloud. Analysing workload patterns and application interdependencies creates a data driven approach to migration planning.


In this phase of Azure Cloud Adoption we prepare the Azure platform to host your services. Our CIS benchmark compliant and NZ Government approved Landing Zone will be designed and built with performance and security front of mind.


Planning, migration and remediation services for the move of workloads to public cloud. Workloads are migrated to Azure leveraging our migration processes, standard operating procedures, technical test plans and supporting frameworks developed through years of experience. Not to mention a stable of epic engineers.


Modernisation of applications to take advantage of public cloud, PaaS, serverless and microservices architectures. App modernisation is provided through a DevOps service model.


Cloud governance focuses on the skills and processes that are needed to align IT strategy and goals with your organisation’s business strategy and goals, to ensure your organisation maximises the business value of its IT investment and minimises the business risks.


To ensure your platform is delivering the value and benefits needed, we work with you to establish an operational baseline and to provide controls that enable you to stay compliant. As your maturity increases, we help you to extend your service catalogue and baseline to accommodate mission-critical workloads.


Operating Azure Cloud is hard without the right skills and structures in place to support it. We help you lift your game with training plans, better aligned team structures and modern roles with mapped responsibilities to ensure that your engine room fires on all cylinders.