Server Care

Keeping your critical systems running at their best.

Some of our core business applications operate on servers, whether they are hosted in the public cloud, a local data centre of on-premise at the office. By keeping servers up to date, monitoring their performance and fixing things when they go wrong, your business can stay running smoothly and securely.

Server Care provides the ultimate care package for these servers, looking after the hypervisor, core operating system and key applications. Our best in market support, with unparalleled customer satisfaction, is ready and waiting to support your key business systems.

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The Instillery have an innate understanding of our business and provide us with the IT support, agility and responsiveness our business needs in today’s global and digital marketplace.

Paul Littlefair

Chief Information Officer, Livestock Improvement Corporation

How We Do It

Monitoring & Alerting

Visibility is the first step in ensuring systems stay up and running and don’t cause unnecessary slowdowns or risks to your business. We monitor your systems 24x7 looking at performance, capacity and availability.

Update Management

Keeping servers up to date with the latest patches is the first step to keeping your systems secure and functioning. By reducing the attack surface for would-be-attackers, your systems are left free from known vulnerabilities while receiving the latest performance updates and bug-fixes.

Operating System Support

Our team of experienced engineers are proactively monitoring your systems and responding when things go wrong. Supporting the hypervisor, the operating system and core applications, we provide a cross-functional team of experts in all areas of server support.

Backup Management

Ensuring backups are running smoothly ensures we have the safety net underneath our business when a critical system fails or when data is corrupted or lost. We monitor your backup jobs and respond to failures as well as assisting when data restoration is required.

Warranty Coordination

Hardware vendors play a key role in supporting servers through manufacturer warranties. We coordinate all warranty issues with manufacturers, supporting the warranty process from diagnosis through to the vendor attending site to remediate failed components.

What We Offer


We provide reporting on the health and performance of your systems and services, providing you with an overview of how well your environment is operating.

Remote & Onsite Support

We remotely support your systems allowing us to respond rapidly to issues without losing time travelling. Where required we will also attend your site to diagnose and resolve issues.


We believe in supporting you and your team, not holding the controls at ransom. With co-pilot support, we work as a collective team, with full access and visibility to the tools we use, upskilling your team along the way.