Public Cloud Security

Enhance AWS, Azure and GCP security

A security strategy is an integral part of planning a move to public cloud. The temptation can be to try and replicate existing security systems although data is no longer in your data centre. Often this can be detrimental to cost, efficiency, performance and security.

Public cloud providers offer some very real benefits by taking responsibility for protecting the infrastructure that runs all the cloud services. In other areas they have provided native features that allow for powerful, granular security control for both network security and Identity and Access Management.

We strategically select partners based on their ability to exceed market expectations around cloud security innovation and customer experience. We’re delighted to join forces with The Instillery who are expert in their field and deliver best-of-breed solutions to their enterprise and mid-market customer base.

Scott Robertson

Vice President - Asia Pacific & Japan, Zscaler

What We Offer

Network Security

Use powerful visualisation to set native cloud security controls, providing network security at a more granular level than per subnet. With an intuitive interface, the risk of human error is reduced.

Monitoring & Remediation

Set policies to monitor for non-compliant controls and automatically remediate to ensure data isn’t exposed.


With consistent management of security policies across multiple public clouds, you can retain choice without increasing complexity.

Identity Auditing

Detect suspicious identity activity and analyse a continuous audit trail with tamper detection.

Dynamic Access

Just in time authorisation and access elevation ensures default access levels are kept to a minimum. Elevated authorisation is leased for critical and time-limited tasks.

Continuous Compliance

With a recurring compliance lifecycle management engine, you no longer have to wait for slow and laborious security audits to ensure you are compliant with best practice standards like PCI-DSS.

Cost Effective Security

Leverage inbuilt cloud network security controls to avoid deploying expensive security appliances.


Business needs to comply with certain industry security standards, can be achieved and enforced with 500+ built in industry best practices such as PCI, HIPAA and SOC.


Don’t rely on manual monitoring to maintain security posture, instead automate steps for immediate detection and remediation.