The Honest Food Company - Case Study

14 March 2016

The Honest Food Company produces socially responsible handcrafted raw protein foods that are free from grain, gluten, dairy and sugar. The paleo protein snacks have been embraced by health and wellness aficionados across the country. Business Owner Belinda Tuki’s motto is profit with a purpose. Her goal is to grow The Honest Food Company business while at the same time giving back to the community. One way in which she is doing this is through the paid internship programme in which she mentors single mothers who are returning to the workforce to grow their confidence and/or experience. You might ask why does a business like this need cloud technology? Belinda too took a bit of convincing, asking us the very same thing when we first met. Having had it on good authority that she needed to go and ‘talk to the guys at The Instillery’ to sort out her IT and communication woes she did just that. So we had an honest conversation with Belinda about her business, the challenges her staff had with the current technology in the business and what a cloud service could potentially bring to the table to enhance the in-store experience for her as the business owner, the honest crew and customers. After breaking down the stigma of ‘the cloud’ as a technical, foreign and expensive place, Belinda has implemented new technology across her business. Within a day Belinda was up and running with UFB connectivity, instore WiFi, in store surveillance for staff safety/security, Vend POS and analytics leaving Belinda to focus on what she does best – creating life changing moments for the community through her love of sustainable food.