How we helped Eat My Lunch manage their growth - Case Study

13 July 2017

Since June 2015, Eat My Lunch have provided over 475,000 lunches to hungry Kiwi kids. Starting from humble beginnings in a home kitchen in Auckland, Eat My Lunch very quickly grew to delivering 1,400 lunches daily to kids attending 48 schools across Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. Having a lot of growth and success so early in a company’s life brings with it a bunch of things that organisations may not have necessarily thought about before. This became more evident to Lisa and her team when they decided to move from the original Eat My Lunch premises (her own kitchen) into a bigger and better commercial space. The Eat My Lunch website is the engine of the business, so staying connected to the online world is crucial. The team need constant daily access as they download customer information which feeds the supply chain from courier pick-ups to administration. Given that technology drives this business, Lisa wanted to ensure that Eat My Lunch were staying ahead of the game with an innovative solution (this is where The Instillery came in). Unsure of exactly what she needed to achieve this, Lisa invited The Instillery in to take a good look at her new location and get a feel for what was needed from a technology standpoint. Judging from how quickly Eat My Lunch were growing, we made it our prerogative to ensure that future growth could be handled easily. As a result, we came up with a no-fuss solution that suited the Eat My Lunch business, decking out the new space with ultra-fast internet, ensuring that WiFi was easily, securely and reliably available. And as the Eat My Lunch team works early mornings and late nights, we hooked up IP surveillance cameras to the premises to keep the team and all their volunteers safe. “To have The Instillery come in and say hey look, we’ll just sort it all out for you guys and you don’t have to worry about it was incredible.” Lisa King – Founder, Eat My Lunch Lisa says that not having to worry about the technology side was what really did it for her; having tech experts take care of the technology that let her team take care of preparing lunches for hungry Kiwi kids was more than she could have hoped for.   More about Eat My Lunch: Eat My Lunch is the brainchild of caring Kiwis Lisa King and her partner. After many years of marketing foods to New Zealand that were on the unhealthy end of the scale, they decided it was not only time for a career change but also time to step up and make a difference. They considered it unfathomable that there were so many Kiwi kids going hungry during school and yet nobody was doing enough about it. Coming up with a great idea that actually works is one thing but getting people on board to help is another. However, Eat My Lunch have established an excellent business model that enables people to get on board simply and easily. Their Buy One, Give One philosophy is what makes Eat My Lunch so successful. You can order your own lunch easily online and by doing that, a child is also getting one. By doing something that is a natural part of your daily routine – buying lunch – but also having a real and instant impact on a child’s life, is a brilliant way to get people involved. For more info head on over to