Autoplay - Case Study

15 June 2018

Public cloud offers new capabilities for Kiwi organisations such as agility, and resource elasticity. When managed well, a business can accelerate the use of digital in their market for a competitive advantage. Find out how Autoplay has done just that by utilising The Instillery’s Cloud Foundations managed services package to access cloud-native monitoring, automation, security and cost visibility. What is The Instillery’s Cloud Foundations service? The Instillery’s Cloud Foundations is a managed service designed specifically for cloud. It offers organisations the opportunity to hook into a well managed public cloud, offering proactive optimisation of cloud usage. Build a rock solid base for cloud innovation with The Instillery’s co-pilot support where the teamwork in collaboration with an organisation’s tech teach, sharing access to tools for total transparency and control. Cloud Foundations is all about getting the most value out of public cloud. How does technology play a part in Autoplay’s business? AutoPlay Group operates two highly dependent technology businesses delivering internationally to the real estate and automotive industries. AutoPlay’s Virtual Show Home is used by real estate agencies for the building and display of up to 7000 videos across websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels each month. Video is seen as a crucial marketing tool with over 250,000 videos watched every day across Australasia’s leading brands. While AutoPlay’s smart digital tools are used by over 80% of new car franchise dealerships in New Zealand and a number of leading Australian dealerships networks. Customer management tools are used to provide full management across the sales cycle, including a range of digital forms and mobile applications. AutoPlay’s primary focus will always be its customers - even if the underlying services are very reliant on technology. So, it’s always been important for Autoplay to partner with technology providers that are at the forefront of the industry and who have a deep understanding of what’s available, saleable and cost-effective. Why did Autoplay move to The Instillery’s Cloud Foundations service? For AutoPlay, selecting AWS with a management partner allowed the organisation to achieve their end customer requirements of high-availability across time zones, scale on demand, security and cost management. Autoplay says that while AWS brings many advantages to its business it still requires proactive management so from day one this was managed through an AWS business partner. The move to The Instillery’s Cloud Foundations package was prompted by a lack of foresight and guidance from the incumbent business partner. There was a feeling that AutoPlay was falling behind in the use of current AWS products and solutions and the management tools were lacking. Plus the core AWS hosting costs were escalating. How has Autoplay found The Instillery experience? The Instillery provided expertise from the get-go - reviewing, recommending and producing a roadmap of changes to allow AutoPlay to make the most of our investment in AWS. This has led to a complete update of the existing toolset and far better utilisation of the existing services. All under the existing spend. The Instillery are great guys, backed by a responsive team who know their stuff!