The Instillery is an award-winning Kiwi company born in the cloud and automation era, servicing clients across the globe.

With a fresh young lens, thirst for innovation and a cloud agnostic, data-driven approach, we enable organisations to develop and release new products and services significantly faster, with lower risk, at a lower cost and more frequently than ever before.

Our cloud solution set includes multi-cloud and digital transformation consulting, managed services and smart data for big and small business. Our service product approach ensures a high velocity, economic path to leveraging the benefits of cloud and automation.


We’re passionate about delivering tangible business results for our customers wherever they might be on their cloud journey. Our methodology and toolset result in data-driven contextual insights for our customers. Engagements are driven by data and overlaid with contextual information to put what we’re seeing into perspective for your organisation and objectives.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, preferring to act as an organisation’s ‘co-pilot’ rather than holding the controls at ransom. We do this by sharing access, information and people, ensuring total transparency so when we say we’re truly cloud agnostic, we mean it.



Mike is an award-winning entrepreneur and regarded within the ANZ market as “the cloud guy”. Mike was born to lead in the IT industry, growing up in the Computerland era and honing his skills through a 14 year career working for Logical, IBM and Cisco on both sides of the Tasman. His passion for the evolution of Cloud & DevOps and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry is only surpassed by his focus to ensure positive and tangible business results for our clients.

Jamie has a wealth of leadership and management experience, combined with a rock solid understanding of global sales and operations. Jamie is a pivotal member of our team as we continue to drive sustainable growth across the globe. Combining his people management, operational expertise and drive to win – he’s the guy that makes sure we’re all performing and doing our best to ensure continual client success.

Jeremy is our resident thought leader with a huge amount of knowledge on all things cloud, having worked across service provider environments, local government and large enterprise organisations. Jeremy is responsible for leading our enterprise cloud and security consulting and cloud managed services, with focus also on the productisation of our wider global service offering.

Nick has a huge appetite to innovate and as our business development manager has a great awareness of how technology can help deliver tangible business outcomes for our customers. Nick’s got a fantastic track record of working with enterprise organisations and government departments, helping to solve business challenges, and removing excess cost through outcome-focused cloud managed services.

Corey runs our SME team to promote and deliver world-class solutions to our customers. Corey has a unique ability to understand and address customer needs while being very technical in his problem solving and ongoing customer support. He is also very passionate about the power of virtual reality.

Brenna is responsible for making sure we’re seen and heard on that massive global stage out there. With a background in tourism and professional services, Brenna’s a strong believer that transparency and genuine intent to communicate will always deliver results.

Sabrina is the glue that keeps us all together, coordinating and managing us and our enterprise projects. She’s a fabulous multi-tasker, which means she can also be found helping out the activations and support team. You can be sure that whatever Sabrina is focused on, she always has our customers and their business goals front of mind.

Matthew is our ‘go to’ man for all things Cloud & DevOps and has a huge amount of knowledge across many technologies. He has an efficient, pragmatic and effective approach to software designing solutions which are simple yet elegant.

Grant has over 18 years’ of enterprise IT experience across the utility, health and advertising industries in New Zealand and the UK. His speciality is cloud and infrastructure management, design, administration and support where he has focused his efforts for the past several years. Grant is focused on positive business outcomes for our clients and is passionate about driving the adoption of public cloud technologies.

Jamie is currently residing in London, heading up our UK operations. He has an epic amount of IT and commercial experience, particularly when it comes to Amazon Web Services suite of products. Jamie’s continued quest for upskilling means he remains at the forefront of the ever-changing IT industry.

Joyce recently joined us from Christchurch and is the lady who keeps our numbers in order. As well as being our Xero guru, Joyce is a registered chartered accountant with experience across auditing, commercial and financial management.

Michael joined us in 2015 and is another one of our rising stars from AUT ilk. Quick to get in and roll his sleeves up, AWS certified, Michael sits across the sales and engineering teams and runs multiple AWS workloads for a wide range of companies and applications.

Callum is part of our Cloud Activations team and is responsible for delivering AWS and Microsoft Azure solutions to our enterprise clients. An experienced architect and developer, Callum creates intuitive content management systems, search and collaboration experiences with a focus on UX and clear user pathways.

Eliot is a certified systems and network engineer with great theoretical and practical knowledge of designing and supporting network infrastructure to the highest IT service management standards. Eliot is part of our Cloud Activations team and provides cloud and networking solutions for our mid-market clients.

Wilson, our part- time male model and certified Cisco Meraki Networking Associate, works alongside Michael to deliver and configure cloud solutions, WiFi networks and a range of analytics for our clients to help them do business.

Gene designs, configures, deploys and supports cloud solutions for our SME customers. A certified Cisco network and security specialist, Gene is also mad about cars and motorcycles and can regularly be found on the racetrack.

Jack is our youngest recruit who is an award-winning web developer and our go to man for all front-end dev work. When Jack’s not building awesome websites, he is our in house creator of things. Jack is well versed in CSS, Java, HTML, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Creative suite.