Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Just Got Really Interesting

I was already excited about Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and the opportunities from having such a powerful Modern Workplace solution would bring for enterprise businesses. So when I discovered a WVD management tool from Nerdio, my excitement reached new heights.

Nerdio Manager for WVD is on the surface, a simplified way to manage your WVD deployments, but now with the release of version 2.10, it just became a whole lot more. Version 2.10 brings integration with Github that easily enables version and script collaboration. Nerdio now comes with advanced out of the box scripted actions using Azure Automation (Runbooks). Check out Nerdio’s 2.10 release notes here.

If you’re a cynic, you might be thinking: “Why script a tool that has been written to stop you from having to manage WVD from a script (Powershell)?”

Well, Nerdio does more than just simplify Microsoft’s deployment and management of WVD environments. It can also enable powerful automation actions like auto resizing Azure files so you can optimize the performance of your sharing while protecting cost blow outs in the consumption base model that is Azure.

This is cool, but my favorite feature is the templating of workspace deployments. This can enable you to automate the setup and thus saving time and money in deployments. If you are even slightly considering Azure WVD, you need to check out Nerdio. At The Instillery, we both build and manage Modern Workplace environments so if you’d like to chat to a Modern Workplace expert about a discovery or a complete Managed Service, get in touch.

By Simon Rowan