Auckland Council ITaaS Zscaler

20 August 2020

A core part of Auckland Council’s transformation programme was ITaaS transformation to “liberate” users from a traditional IT model.

Alongside the multi-cloud part of the programme, the ITaaS stream was driving fundamental changes in the way Auckland Council staff work. Critical to the success of both these initiatives was ensuring the delivery of an improved user experience without compromising security.

A typical pitfall of transformation projects is not addressing the changes in the security model, and instead considering the corporate network to be a safe area surrounded by a moat that users must VPN into to access resources and security.

For Auckland Council, this wasn’t going to enable the outcomes sought in a liberation of users and their technology. Through an evaluation process, Zscaler in partnership with The Instillery were selected to deploy zero-trust based Internet access using Zscaler’s transformation package.

With >10,000 users, Auckland Council’s rollout of ITaaS and Zscaler is one of the largest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hear more from Auckland Council’s Chief Information Officer, Mark Denvir, about how The Instillery and Zscaler have supported their IT transformation programme in the video below.