Your ticket to life in the fast lane

17 July 2016

Here at The Instillery we are committed to securing the top young talent from inside New Zealand and developing and mentoring these young go-getters to be the best in the business.

In 2015 we launched the WINtern Program to develop the top new blood in the NZ ICT industry, providing a platform for the new kids on the block to be nurtured and mentored and experience life in the ICT fast lane.

Our WINtern Program, developed with the support of AUT, sees graduate students in their final year of study spend three months with our team where they are mentored and exposed to all areas of our business. Now in its second year, the first 2016 intake saw us select three interns after a rigorous recruitment process of which we had 129 applicants apply. We will be looking for a further intake later this year.

We’re delighted to nurture the next generation of ICT leaders and to provide a stepping-stone for each individual to path their own direction within the industry.

Need to know:

  • You’ll spend three month working across various levels of The Instillery business
  • This is part-time unpaid work experience where we’ll expect you to be with us a minimum of two days a week
  • We have two fulltime tech focused roles available at the end of the WINternship for the right candidates
  • We have a casual office setting which means no corporate BS.
  • Sounds like a bit of you? Apply here

A WINtern Grad’s perspective:
Wilson Thrush-Marsh successfully graduated from the first 2016 WINtern intake and is now a fulltime team member of The Instillery. Read firsthand about Wilson’s experience of The Instillery WINtern program:

"I applied for The Instillery's WINternship in March after hearing about The Instillery, who were described as a small team of young, passionate and talented New Zealanders really disrupting the cloud scene in NZ.

The Instillery's WINtern program immediately appealed to me as it was the only internship I'd seen from a New Zealand ICT start-up. I loved the idea of a team of talented and passionate individuals working with, and for each other, not for a big corporation or a boss they rarely see. It was this immediately familiar atmosphere and culture that was attractive to me; the team came across as real friends who cared about each other and were excited about the great work they were doing: I didn't need much more motivation to apply.

I joined the Instillery's WINtern program at the end of March, after a cheerful interview in a local cafe that had me really excited about the kind of things they were doing. My academic background in Networks and Security had me prepared to be configuring and troubleshooting command-line interfaces for old networking hardware for a couple of years before moving on to something hopefully less hands-on and more creative. After talking with Mike, The Instillery’s CEO, about the Meraki systems they sell and install, I couldn't wait to see it for myself! Completely cloud-managed and maintained, it was a dream for someone dreading staring at black and white text all day.

The WiFi analytics packages The Instillery offer were also amazing; the amount of insight gained from easy cloud software packages had me really excited about what could be learned from customers, and I was eager to start. Everything I encountered in my learning during the WINtern program was novel and exciting and always had me keen to learn more and develop my skills. 

The Instillery team were wonderfully friendly and patient with me, helping me through things I needed to learn and letting me learn on my own when needed. I was accepted as a team mate immediately, and the relaxed atmosphere and close team culture were more akin to my experience at University than what I expected from an ICT company. Learning things in my own time and helping when I could made me feel useful, rather than just another pair of hands to run errands or menial tasks. The "taking off the training wheels approach" was absolutely effective, if a little scary at times!

My WINternship went well enough for The Instillery to offer me a fulltime position, and I've never been happier at a job. The weeks fly past in a rush of activity and learning, and I even show up on Mondays with a smile."

- Wilson