Why did we choose VMware: Velocloud as our SD-WAN Partner?

Earlier last week, we announced our new partnership with SD-WAN specialists, VMware. We could visualise how software-defined networking would instill capability, transformation, and belief into businesses across New Zealand and beyond. So, we took our journey to find a world-class SD-WAN partner incredibly seriously. Our promise is to be a top-shelf technology provider and we needed to find a best-in-breed SD-WAN partner that would rally to our purpose. 

Here’s how VMware and their Velocloud product can accelerate your digital transformation.

Innovate with spirit

Like us, VMware have the hunger to continuously innovate. They weren’t the ‘set and forget’ types. One of our core requirements was to find an SD-WAN product that would take the capabilities of software-defined networking to the next level for our customers. VMware’s Velocloud product is focused on enabling your business to slash its bandwidth costs and deploy site connections exceptionally quickly, whilst ensuring solid reliability and network performance. On top of that, it can provide a fantastic degree of visibility of your network which will be a life-saver when your IT teams are troubleshooting issues. Finding another provider who was refining their technology with spirit was immensely refreshing.

Scale your network

We briefly mentioned how VMware’s Velocloud product can enable fast deployments of site connections but the scalability and flexibility of their SD-WAN deserve more mention. Velocloud’s zero-touch provisioning means customers can significantly reduce deployment times for new sites by removing the need to book an engineer or wait weeks for your Internet service provider to provision a bandwidth change. And this is a game-changer!

Modernise your network

The networking industry needs to innovate. Legacy MPLS networks are increasingly expensive to invest in, cumbersome to deploy and often disable your workforce's ability to connect to work applications from anywhere. VMware’s SD-WAN product will modernise how your business connects its users to critical applications via UFB without breaking the bank in the process.

Provide a launchpad for your cloud migration

VMWare: Velocloud delivers a hybrid, multi-cloud networking infrastructure which provides a launchpad for our customers should they look to eventually migrate to the cloud. In fact, direct internet connections for Software-as-a-Service applications such as Office 365 or Teams are recommended. In essence, cloud-managed WAN removes the complexity of your networking infrastructure which can extend to your security stack. And speaking of security...

Integrate with our zero-trust partner, Zscaler

This was a big one for us. Zero-trust security environments is another innovation we’re backing and SD-WAN and zero-trust go hand-in-hand. We’ll talk more about how SD-WAN & zero-trust complement each other in the future but discovering that VMware: Velocloud were already working on integrating with Zscaler took this prospective partnership up a notch.

Break free from old-style connectivity

Want to discover how SD-WAN and VMware: Velocloud could transform your business's networking? Get in touch and we would be more than happy to showcase the benefits SD-WAN can bring to your infrastructure.