Predicting the cost of public cloud

27 November 2017

One of the questions we (The Instillery) often field from our customers is

"How much will public cloud cost us?"

There are a lot of factors to consider, such as which provider to use, how hot your workloads will run, and what commercial models are available. All public cloud vendors have offerings with different benefits that a business may be able to take advantage of, for example:

With these factors at play, often gut feel is used to make a decision. Here at The Instillery, we prefer to rely on hard data which is why we’ve created The Instillery Cloud Calculator.

We have some great tools available for collecting real-time data on customer environments. The Instillery Cloud Calculator goes one step further than just capturing data by enabling us to model a full matrix of different scenarios and incorporate external data sources with the data we’ve captured. This allows us to provide costs per application, business unit or migration group for each public cloud provider. We can also devise a custom price book with existing infrastructure costs for organisations, providing tangible insights into the target savings available.

Ultimately this provides an organisation with a level of predictability about what their costs will be in the cloud and offers sensitivity between different commercial models such as paying in advance, paying on demand, or other available options.

So, what will the public cloud cost your business? Check out our Cloud Discovery service and get in touch.