Innovative kiwi partnership wins big at Digital Transformation Awards

07 September 2017

A breakthrough innovation which transforms the management and delivery of digital projects has won big at the 2017 IDC Digital Transformation Awards.

The Instillery and Fonterra have invented a digital pipeline service that enables organisations to collaborate with their digital agencies and vendors across the globe.

The two organisations have conceived and created a multivendor digital project ecosystem that is flexible, scalable and brings standardised project administration, management and development processes, workflow and governance.

In today’s environment organisations can have 20+ digital projects on the go concurrently. At this scale it’s imperative to effectively and efficiently manage and deliver projects on time and under budget.

Offering a cloud-based toolset and process, the digital pipeline service simplifies and mitigates business risk by providing a single voice, consistency and uniformity, while reducing costs and accelerating time to market for new digital projects.

Annemarie Kikos, IDC Australia’s Research Director says the digital pipeline service demonstrates market leadership in the application of digital technology and processes and is pleased to announce The Instillery as The Digital Transformer of the Year.

“The Instillery and Fonterra have won the IDC ANZ Digital Transformation award for showing market leadership in the application of digital technology and processes. Their innovation is a great example of how technology, particularly automation, is helping ANZ organisations transform.”

The Instillery founder and CEO Mike Jenkins says by automating traditionally labour-intensive processes huge savings are able to be made.

“With our pipeline creation services tool, it takes about 30 minutes to set up a digital project environment. Manually this would take an organisation approximately 8 hours so for a large ANZ business who executes 50 projects a year there’s about 560 man hours up for grabs - removing those means huge savings to a business.”

Fonterra’s GM of digital innovations and solutions, Raf Rasile, says the innovation is enabling Fonterra to take a far more agile approach to doing business.

“The Pipeline Creation Service has been a game-changer for us. It’s making us as a business, and all of our teams collaborate better and far more efficiently - as a result we’re getting the work done a lot quicker.

There’s also a significant financial benefit, a time to value benefit, and for any of the managers here there’s a real stress reduction in terms of being able to use the tools to make their jobs easier. It's really helping us take a far more agile approach to doing business.”