Cloud Transition Services - Government Marketplace

In the roles I’ve held as a product manager, I’ve always taken pride in creating quality products and seeing their success with customers. One thing I had overlooked was that in some markets, the government sector being one, some competitors weren’t even in the race due to procurement arrangements such as closed panels.  With the current rate of technological advancement, being able to leverage the latest technology fosters business growth and innovation, and the ability to procure from an open, competitive market is paramount to this. The Government Marketplace enables the public sector to procure from any supplier who meets the standards required, and while not all services are on the Marketplace yet, it’s certainly a step in the right direction to arming agencies with the ability to deliver velocity with confidence. Recently approved as a supplier to the Marketplace, The Instillery offer the full spectrum of services to support the public sector transition to cloud including

    • Cloud Strategy - reviewing or creating cloud strategies for considering a move to public cloud. This includes cost analysis, benefits mapping and organisational readiness. Our cloud strategy service leverages our multi-cloud experience to provide the best business outcome, regardless of the cloud platform.
    • Cloud Discovery - analysing current workloads and environments for suitability and planning for a migration to cloud. Cloud Discovery provides cost forecasting and performance optimisation for workloads moving to cloud. Analysing workload patterns and application interdependencies creates a data-driven approach to migration planning.
    • Cloud Landing Zone - building or remediating a cloud landing zone, providing the CIS baselined infrastructure for moving to cloud or building new services. This includes establishing connectivity and security necessary for a successful and optimal experience. 
    • Cloud Migration - planning, migration and remediation services for the move of workloads to public cloud. Workloads are migrated with tooling and process we have developed through numerous successful migrations.
    • Cloud App Modernisation - modernisation of applications to take advantage of public cloud, PaaS serverless and microservices architectures. App modernisation is provided through a DevOps service model.

One of the reasons I believe we’re best equipped to accelerate the adoption of cloud in the public sector is our Co-Pilot approach. Co-Pilot is the way we work to share knowledge and skills to put the control back in the hands of our customers; providing an environment where internal teams can learn by doing while having the confidence that we log and monitor everything to support them should they need it. How does this compare to outsourcing your cloud transition to another provider? While traditional models are replacing existing IT staff, driving disruption and disenfranchisement, The Instillery works alongside your current teams; leveraging their extensive knowledge of your business and environment and supporting them with the skills they need to lift NZ’s cloud game. So despite making the move from an organisation with 30x the number of employees, I get even more satisfaction and pride out of the work I’m doing now; amplifying the impact of Kiwis with leading global tech. For more information about Cloud Transition Services and Government Marketplace or to talk about working with The Instillery, please contact us here.