Cloud Snapshots with Actifio 10c

Over the last 6 months, we’ve been collaborating with the product management team at Actifio providing market feedback on the changing demands on backup products in the cloud era.  With the release of Actifio 10c, a number of the features we discussed have been incorporated into the product with more to come (consider this a teaser!) Here are the key features and why we believe they are important:

  • Containers - Actifio has certified the presentation of databases to kubernetes containers for instant recovery or test/dev data virtualisation as part of a CI/CD pipeline. This uses the NFS drivers to present a copy of a production database into a container, which can be fully automated. This allows containerised environments to be rapidly provisioned and destroyed, with more options for presenting database data into the environment. 
  • Cloud Snapshots - With AWS and GCP it is now possible to use cloud-native snapshots. Entering your cloud credentials into Actifio Global Manager will provide the option to discover and orchestrate snapshot of workloads in AWS and GCP by subscribing the workloads to an Actifio SLA. Currently, the data will be captured to the cloud providers native object storage. Now you have a single pane of glass to manage backups including cloud-native snapshots in these platforms. Azure will be supported in the near future. 
  • Cloud DR - Disaster recovery and migration of workloads between cloud platforms has been further simplified with the use of Actifio Resiliency Director to further automate the process. This includes deeper integration with cloud-based networks, allowing the DR runbook to include more network changes.  You can also now migrate an entire multi-tier application. This functionality is supported for AWS and GCP. 

These features are just a subset of those included in Actifio 10c, and further the support for multi-cloud data mobility and virtualisation. For more information about Actifio 10c or to talk about working with The Instillery, please contact us here.