Cloud Ninjas by day, Crime fighters by night

Here at The Instillery, we pride ourselves on getting stuck into new technology as soon as it’s available. So when we learnt we could get our hands on tech from the much-anticipated release of Cisco Meraki’s IP Surveillance suite, we jumped at the chance.

Getting NZ’s first pieces of this technology meant we couldn’t wait to get it installed, configured and added to our existing Cisco Meraki Cloud. It didn’t take too long either - three cameras totalled about 30 minutes to setup, including unboxing.

Little did we know, our eagerness to get these devices up and running would result in The Instillery becoming the unofficial Parnell neighbourhood watch...

We started to have people show up to our Parnell office, needing help with robberies that had taken place in the area. On two separate occasions, we had the Police and concerned locals reach out for assistance to catch the culprits, as they’d noticed our cameras and wanted to leverage our extensive security setup.

Stoked that we were able to put our Cisco Meraki IP Surveillance setup to the test, we were more than happy to help out. In a matter of seconds, our solution enabled us to run motion-based searches on the security cameras, detecting any movement during a nominated time frame.

After a few mouse clicks, we exported valuable recordings and still imagery of the perpetrators and their movements. With our help, this crucial information was provided to those who needed it and locals were able to get their stolen stuff back - great result!

If we were attempting to review or obtain useful information from a conventional camera and NVR/DVR setup, it could have taken hours, or even days to trawl through low quality, blurry footage. Most traditional systems are incredibly complex to operate and very limited in the features they possess. However, our Cisco Meraki IP Surveillance setup was able to:

  • Download/print anything from the surveillance dashboard
  • Retrospectively select an area where an ‘asset’ was last seen and return a list of motion events that can lead to its recovery
  • ‘Never Stop Recording’. Cameras will continue to continuously record 24/7, even if the network connection fails for up to 20 days
  • Use internet bandwidth only when required and send less than 50kbps of metadata streams per camera to the cloud when footage not being viewed. This eliminates excessive usage that can often incur huge costs.

For us, the moral of the story is that security extends well beyond the borders of your traditional IT network. Luckily, the best technology and top expertise are here today. With The Instillery’s support, total enterprise network and security can be achieved. Through an easily-navigated single pane of glass, everything can be managed effortlessly, from any device, any time.

We are proud to be a leading Cisco Meraki Cloud Service Provider partner here in New Zealand and are keen to show how we can help protect both your business and your local community.


The Instillery powered by Cisco Meraki.