Shopify – Your sales saviour

“Clean, simple and easy to use”

Shopify is an electronic commerce platform where merchants like you can beautifully display and sell their wares to expand their sales presence. Even for the uninitiated, Shopify is easy to implement into your current business, or use it as a way to launch your very first venture as everything within Shopify is easy to navigate and has a logical flow.

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Multi-channel sales and integration

Selling your products in many places should be every bit as simple as selling in one. With Shopify’s ecommerce software, you get one unified platform to run your business with ease. Your online shop can be easily transformed into a Shopify store and Shopify can integrate with your other sales channels; via social media (Facebook) and your back-end POS (Vend).

Not only does it integrate with your customer facing sales presence, but also your internal marketing and sales processes. Shopify can integrate with various marketing, finance and fulfilment applications to make the entire sales process easier and smoother. There are over 1000 apps like Vend, Mailchimp, Xero Accounting, and Kit, that seamlessly integrate with Shopify to help you grow and scale your business.

Simon Landers of Maas Polish found that once everything is setup and automated, it is smooth sailing. All he has to worry about was directing traffic to his Shopify site and it took care of the rest.

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Customer management and reporting

All customer data can be securely stored and managed to allow you insight into who is buying what, which customers are returning and which of those are top loyal customers. The benefit of this information is that it allows merchants to run targeted campaigns and offer discounts to loyal customers. If a customer abandons their Shopify cart, a notification gets sent to you so you are able to send them an email reminding them about their left behind purchase. This is often useful for when a customer’s bank card declines or when they forget about their purchasing.

Selling is one thing, but reporting is where we can understand how and why we are selling. Shopify’s built in dashboards show your website’s daily users, average order values, total sales and can be split by various categories. Financial reports are automatically created and provide a clear overview of sales, returns, payments and more. This provides a huge amount of insightful sales information that can be leveraged to grow your business.The dashboard’s are so comprehensive that they provide a holistic and detailed view of your business to better understand your sales, orders, and audience in order to better tailor your products and marketing.

Reporting is an important point for Simon and after transitioning to Shopify, he saw an increase in Maas Polish’s average order value, an increase in sales overall and a decrease in processing costs, which allowed Simon’s offline customers to purchase online and enabled Simon to upsell other products.


Inventory and fulfilment management

As soon as a customer makes an order via your Shopify site, you’re notified so that you begin the fulfilment process. Your customers receive an order confirmation and when you confirm their order is complete, they are told that it’s on its way. Once an order shipped, it is automatically updated within the Inventory section of your Shopify. Here you can easily and quickly view on hand stock, order new stock and edit product information.


Website design

Our in-house Shopify specialist and talented designer, Jack Downs constantly works with our customers to design and build modern, sleek and visually effective websites to boost your online presence. Simon Landers says his experience transitioning to Shopify with The Instillery worked out well, “The Instillery are very experienced and made it a quick and easy process.”

We can help you sort through the vast range of store themes that Shopify has currently and tweak it to how you’d like it. Or we can design and develop a website completely tailored to your specific requirements. Not only will we design and build your website, but we will also provide thorough training and support on how to use it and use it well.

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To find out more about how you can transition or open up your own Shopify store, send us an email at: