Retail Rejuvenated.

We can help you rejuvenate your retail business in the cloud, improving the efficiency and profitability of stores by implementing and integrating innovative technology and easy-to-use applications. We’ll compose a complete solution – selecting the right technology, handling setup, installation, training and providing ongoing support.

We are specialist cloud integrators and make it easy to get setup in the cloud, so you can focus on running your retail business. We are certified Vend partners and can assist in all areas of implementation.

The Instillery’s Retail Rejuvenated cloud managed service is powered by: Vend, Meraki, Purple WiFi, Deputy, Xero and Apple.

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    Point of Sale

    Vend integrates seamlessly with leading accounting, payment, inventory and loyalty add-ons. Vend works on iPad, Mac or PC and syncs in the cloud so you can use one platform or all three.

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    Smart Guest Wifi

    Give customers in-store WiFi. Build a profile of your customers, including how they like to shop in your store, you can even send notifications as they arrive or leave your space.

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    Make Inventory Management Easy

    See what inventory you have on hand in real time. Make sure you have all the stock you need, in the right place, at all times. Say goodbye to labour intensive stocktakes.

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    Staff Management Toolkit

    Forget the old paper timesheets, create and publish schedules in minutes. Assign tasks to staff, set up notifications and share important messages with your team.

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    Next Level Insights

    Aggregate info from your POS, staff management tools and external data sets such as weather, you’ll gain a whole new level of insight. Find top selling items, salespeople and stores at a glance.


    “The Instillery team make it so easy and are always only a phonecall or email away if we need help, leaving us to focus on what we do well – they take a lot of the pain out of business.”

    Ingrid Starnes – Fashion Designer

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    “We’re experts in fashion, not the cloud… even after all of this it’s still a mystery to me and that’s how I like it – I only want to know what it can do for the business.”

    Benny Castles – World Brand

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 Our Hospitality Customers 

Vend POS.

Run the world’s best retail with Vend POS software.

Vend is retail point-of-sale software, inventory management, ecommerce and customer loyalty. Vend works on iPad, Mac and PC and is everything you need to run your retail store, no matter how complex your operations are.

The Instillery are certified Vend Partners, qualified to set up your retail business on Vend and assist you as your company grows and evolves.

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Business Insights.

Understanding customer behaviour has always been instrumental in driving profitability and we believe that aggregating your existing business data to draw insights about your customers represents your next big opportunity.

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