Meet Jack – our in-house Shopify specialist

50% tech and 50% design; meet Jack, our in-house Shopify specialist.

Jack Downs has been with us here at The Instillery for just under a year and very quickly proved his worth. He is both a talented developer and a creative designer, which is an excellent combination of skills for both The Instillery and our customers.

With great abilities in these skillsets, Jack is the perfect person to hold the title of Shopify specialist and to help our customers who use it. He gets to make use of his keen eye for design and flex his development strength. He understands our customers, their business needs and how to ensure they get the most out of Shopify.


Jack’s passion for Shopify

Jack is passionate about Shopify for a few reasons. Drawing on his development skills, Jack can customise the back-end to make a Shopify site function exactly how a merchant wants it to. Once he is provided with the necessary information such as products, company profile and prices, Jack brings it all together as one. Shopify sites can be thoroughly customised to include a huge range of functionalities, allowing a merchant to truly tailor exactly how they want their purchasing process to be. Once Jack has created a Shopify site, it is easy for a merchant to use – to fulfil orders and adding and deleting products – making managing inventory a breeze.

Jack enjoys working with Shopify as it satisfies his creative appetite. He ensures that a merchant’s brand, products and services are all displayed as they have envisioned. There are over 100 professional and free store themes, providing the ability to be completely customised with ease. He can recommend the best options for a merchant, taking the hard work out of making a myriad of design and creative decisions.

Shopify is high in Jack’s recommendations for small business. He sees Shopify as an excellent way for a small business to enhance not only their online presence but also their POS and social media sales. Get more information on Shopify here


More about Jack

Using his development skills, Jack won last year’s NZ Young Enterprise Scheme Innovation award for a mobile weather app he designed and built himself called Trident Weather. It’s an all-purpose weather app; perfect for everyone from hardcore boaties to those trying to decide if they need a brolly on their way to work.

Not only is he one of the best front-end developer’s The Instillery has ever seen, he is also our unofficial in-house designer. Harnessing his superb skills in the Adobe Creative Suite, such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, he creates all sorts of graphics and design for both The Instillery internally and our customers.

As a member of Auckland Council’s Youth Advisory Panel, Jack enjoys helping small business grow, expand and thrive. He is a part of this panel, as he understands how fruitful learning about entrepreneurship is and wants to bring entrepreneurial knowledge to the younger generations. Jack sees Shopify as an excellent platform for entrepreneurs with new or current businesses wanting to grow and expand.

To get in touch with Jack, email: