Meet Gene – The Instillery’s Deputy expert

Computers, bikes and cars; Meet Gene – The Instillery’s Deputy expert

From our team, meet Gene. He is a Cloud Specialist, Support Team member and resident Deputy expert.

As one of the stars of our Support Team, Gene is often the voice you’ll hear on the other end of the line if you need help with your technology. Gene’s also responsible for setting up our new customer accounts, software activations and hardware installations.

Gene can be found in the office, or onsite with our customers, completing hardware installations. As one of the stars of our Support Team, he’s often the voice you’ll hear on the other end of the line if you need help with your technology. Gene’s also responsible for setting up our new customer accounts, allowing them to access their applications.


Gene’s views on Deputy

As our Deputy pro, he knows just how valuable this app can be for a business. Gene believes that more businesses should be taking advantage of all that cloud POS has to offer through technology like Deputy.

By shifting your business to the cloud and using these applications, your business can gain access to a multitude of benefits. Updates are pushed out a lot more often so applications always have the latest and greatest versions. Support becomes more accessible, as teams can easily assist without having to visit the physical site of a business.

Not only can support check on you remotely if you need help, but a business owner can keep an eye on their company’s day to day affairs from any location. As long as there’s a reliable internet connection and a device, owners can securely log into Deputy and ensure everyone is on track and things are running smoothly.

Deputy is incredibly easy to integrate with other commonly used applications, making it a breeze when implementing it into your existing set up.

Gene’s favourite aspect of Deputy is that it is a one-stop shop. All employee admin can be taken care of within Deputy and managed accordingly. This single pane of visibility is really Deputy’s major advantage. Having visibility of all aspects of your business and having it all in one place gives business owners increased simplicity, removes double ups, ensures the right staff are working the right times and saves time and money, as well as much more. Get more information on Deputy here


More about Gene

Gene confesses to always being ‘a bit of a nerd’ with anything engineering such as computers, bikes and cars –  loving to figure out how things worked and the modernity and complexity of understanding computers really caught his interest.

This fascination with technology took him to AUT where he completed a Bachelor in Computer and Information Sciences. He really enjoyed getting into the hardware aspect of computers but upon learning about the Cloud, he switched up his focus and decided that that was where he wanted to be.

Cloud computing is still a new and exciting industry with vast potential and huge future growth, something Gene quickly discovered. So when Wilson, a good friend and fellow Instillery team member, told him about the opportunity to come and work for the fastest growing and most award-winning Cloud company in NZ, he jumped at the chance.

Coming into The Instillery at the beginning of his career has been incredibly beneficial for Gene. He works with people highly certified in various disciplines and has taken advantage of all the opportunities to get certifications himself while working. Everyone is hand-picked, not only for their talent and skills with technology but also for their personality; and Gene feels that having a team who are understanding and friendly as well highly-skilled, makes a work day that much easier.

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