The Instillery at Shopify Unite 2017 San Francisco

The Future of E-commerce

Shopify’s annual conference was recently held in San Francisco. This is where the Shopify team and developers can come together to share new features and talk about the future of Shopify and e-commerce. This year, our e-commerce expert, Jack Downs (Creator Of Things/ Front-End Developer @ The Instillery), attended the Shopify conference to get amongst the booming e-commerce industry and learn from the best in the entrepreneurial tech scene.

Shopify has grown to 1 million active subscribers as of 2017, showing that Shopify is a trusted platform used by a large range of online merchants. Shopify maintains and builds on this user trust by making a conscious effort to keep up with advancements and fix any issues users may be faced with.

Our major takeaways from Shopify Unite 2017
Checkout made simple with Shopify Pay

Shopify Pay is a new feature within Shopify that lets customers save their data in any Shopify store. By using just their phone number, a customer can easily make repeat purchases, cutting down barriers to checkout. Improving conversion rates for merchants is a huge focus for Shopify and with Shopify Pay coming to NZ soon, we will definitely be seeing this improvement in action.

Multi-channel sales reborn

It is common knowledge that e-commerce will continue to grow rapidly, so businesses are ensuring their products and services can be sold and purchased across as many channels as possible. Shopify already provides great support through multi-channel sales apps, with integrations into platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Amazon, eBay and many others. In 2017, you can expect the amount of multi-channel integrations to grow exponentially, through platforms such as Instagram and Buzzfeed.

Shopify will be improving their reporting mechanisms to deliver merchants with more data to help keep track of each channel’s performance. Giving merchants the chance to make well-informed decisions on whether or not to pursue new markets.

Online marketing made easy as

Shopify released a new API for developers, allowing them to create apps to monitor marketing efforts. Developers can help marketers track events, let merchants see which marketing channels contributed to which sales and can be used to highlight performance data. By connecting to the Marketing Events API through apps, merchants can be more efficient in driving customers to their products, and developers can help merchants use marketing apps more effectively.

New custom theme design & development tools

With more and more merchants using custom/partner themes, Shopify has released two new tools (Polaris and Slate) to make themes streamlined and efficient. Polaris tackles web design principles and makes web-stores easier to use and navigate, providing a better experience for purchasing customers. Shopify’s other new tool, Slate, is a scaffold and command line tool for developers to use when designing custom themes. These tools make the whole process smoother and faster for both parties.

What all this means for you and The Instillery

The Instillery has partnered with Shopify to deliver you the best online presence for your business, through multi-channel sales, great design and custom integrations resulting in a great experience for both merchants and customers. Here at The Instillery, we are excited for the growth that we see coming in the future – both on the Shopify platform and for e-commerce in general.

Attending the Shopify Unite conference was a great experience for The Instillery. We had the opportunity to learn how we can expand our e-commerce reach to a global scale, and learn about Shopify’s potential for the future of e-commerce both in NZ and globally.

If you’d like to discuss your online e-commerce presence with us, contact The Instillery here, we’re always happy to help.