Organisations are increasingly looking to up the ante with the use of digital. Automation and removing duplication of effort is essential to accelerate the delivery of complex digital business processes. As our customers accelerate up the cloud maturity curve, we’re seeing significant demand for transformational pieces of work powered by automation; namely CI/CD Pipeline, infrastructure as code and smart data.

The Instillery’s combined industry experience, specialist support, reliable infrastructure, and comprehensive toolset helps your team deliver software faster and more reliably. We can work with you to define the future of collaboration and innovation in your business, creating a roadmap to get you there.

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  • Automation.

    Automating repeatable processes are at the heart of agility, speeding up the core of an organisation, reducing cost, mitigating risk, providing consistency and accelerating time to market. In essence, automation enable teams to add valuable business functionality, improving stability, security and scalability without the burden of manual (and sometimes inconsistent) configuration or deployment processes.

    Through our suite of intelligent assessment tools and collaborative workshops we’ll work with you to identify easy targets to automate. The result is improved systems that unify and give autonomy to teams based on the needs of your organisation and business initiatives.

  • CI/CD Pipeline.

    Developing in an agile fashion requires a well integrated CI/CD process and toolset. With multiple teams, projects, and outsourced resource, alignment is even more critical to consistently deliver business outcomes.

    The Instillery has developed an award-winning application Pipeline – a product designed to unify and integrate a CI/CD process for an organisation. Pipeline is built upon an open architecture integrating common tools in a CI/CD pipeline, providing unified visibility and communications across the entire development process. Pipeline demystifies agile development and simplifies the way a business can manage multiple streams of development. Take a project or product from development, build, test, integration and deployment with the consistency and visibility you need. Learn more about what Pipeline did for Fonterra.

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  • Digital Consultancy.

    Digital Technology Consultancy Services (DTCS) is the overarching umbrella for our strategic and consultancy based service offerings to our clients.

    Most small to medium-sized organisations cannot justify the investment in hiring a full time CDO (Chief Digital Officer) to provide in-house digital strategy. There is still a need to have access to strategic expertise to get the most out of your digital investments. Our Consultancy services can be discrete projects based and retained for longer term planning and governance.

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    Managing infrastructure can be seen as a burden. With the complexity of offerings from cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft the learning curve can be long and may only be shared among a few key staff. We can create infrastructure as code for your organisation following best practice guidelines and the requirements of your teams. We deliver high quality and reusable infrastructure that improves with every deployment and configuration management so managing one service or a thousand is the same.

    By creating reusable templates for server and network deployments our infrastructure as code enables even the most junior team members to create infrastructure for your organisation. You can rest assured that infrastructure will be built to the highest grade and comply with internal policy, security, auditing, and governance requirements each and every time.


    Organisations are generating a rapidly growing amount of data every millisecond. Often it’s not as easy as it seems to leverage the true value of this data to enable smarter business decisions. This could be because it’s locked up in a proprietary database or a business application that doesn’t support the data types or it simply doesn’t provide the functionality to do so.

    Leveraging public cloud, The Instillery consolidates disparate business data and data types, unlocking it to make compatible with a raft of analytics and intelligence tools. Whether your organisation has currently stored data, or incoming streams of data, we can transform valuable inputs into accessible and analysable datasets to enable you to draw actionable insights. Data is also able to be made more accessible through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowing your organisation to share it with internal or external parties.


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