DIGITAL Consultancy.

Digital Technology Consultancy Services (DTCS) is the overarching umbrella for our strategic and consultancy based service offerings to our clients.

Most small to medium-sized organisations cannot justify the investment in hiring a full time CDO (Chief Digital Officer) to provide in-house digital strategy. There is still a need to have access to strategic expertise to get the most out of your digital investments. Our Consultancy services can be discrete projects based and retained for longer term planning and governance.

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  • Digital and Technology Strategic Plan (DTSP).

    A documented strategic plan to align overall technology investment with business outcomes. Maps and prioritises your investment to organisational strategy.

  • Governance.

    Provides you with expert oversight of your strategic plan to ensure you are getting the most out of your project investments.

  • Select.

    Assists you in making the best technology selection by leveraging our extensive customer and partner network.

  • Roadmap.

    A documented technology roadmap process that sets out projects, time-frames and forecast investment. These technology projects support strategic direction and deliver business outcomes.

  • Tailored Consultancy.

    No matter what your challenge may be our Digital Strategists are likely to be able to assist.


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