Auckland Council Multi-Cloud

13 August 2020

In 2017 we won an amazing opportunity against the largest legacy players in the market - it was the public sector, it was an RFP process and it was Auckland Council - the super city.

The opportunity resulted in the establishment of a trusted strategic partnership between Auckland Council and The Instillery. Our objective: work with Auckland Council's IT teams to analyse their systems and provide recommendations and insights to set up their strategy for a multi-cloud future.

Since then our ongoing engagement with Auckland Council has seen us deliver the following with their team:

  • Cloud Business case
  • Cloud discovery and strategy
  • Multi-cloud design and implementation
    • AWS design and implementation
    • Azure design and implementation
    • Multi-cloud network design alongside NetQ
  • Actifio data protection and data virtualisation for multi-cloud

Where the discovery, design and implementation sets the platform for cloud, often the making that all work becomes the challenge. The Actifio solution provides the data glue to make it all work together. This includes

  • The ability to protect systems with a single SLA whether they are in public or private cloud. This includes orchestrating cloud-native backups and container protection.
  • Workload migration capability between cloud providers
  • Disaster recovery between any cloud platform
  • Virtualisation of databases like SAP, allowing these to be presented to dev/test workload across cloud environments (including automated through CI/CD pipelines)
  • Instant recovery of core systems without waiting for a data restoration process

Ultimately this gives Auckland Council the freedom to choose the platforms they use today and what may come tomorrow, while they continuously evolve their use of cloud technologies.

Hear more from Auckland Council's Chief Information Officer, Mark Denvir, about how The Instillery and Actifio have supported their accelerated their move to the cloud in the video below.