Managing networks have traditionally been the realm of engineers, and locked-up complicated looking screens. This has meant a lack of agility and visibility for organisations wanting simple outcomes – connecting users to the internet and apps. Fortunately it doesn’t need to be that hard.

Depending on your needs, we’ll provide wifi or an end-to-end network solution that includes internet and wide area network connectivity. You’ll also have access to a web dashboard providing oversight of what is happening on your network. Simplicity and outcomes is what connectivity should be about.


Simple deployment

Plug and play deployment of new network locations and devices for rapid response to changing connectivity needs. Cloud managed devices load configuration automatically.

Rich visibility

Drill down into information about network availability, performance and usage for full transparency into connectivity, and key business apps being used.

Fast for work

Workplace networks need to perform well. Quality network equipment ensures connections and wifi can keep up with demand.

Real management

Cloud managed networks have all the right dials to configure and maintain great network operations.

Centralised management

A single pane of glass to view and manage connectivity, whether it be for multiple sites or devices.


A business should be able to prioritise and report on simple things that matter like applications or websites. With 1000+ predefined applications, that’s exactly what you get.


Adding locations or extra network devices isn’t a problem and doesn’t detract from the simplicity of managing connectivity.


An integrated platform allows Wifi, switches and firewalls to all work together without the problems associated with mix-and-match solutions.


We can provide a cloud managed network over any connectivity solution and offer Bring-Your-Own-Connection if you have existing ISP or mobile services.

We offer Cloud managed networks to bring the benefits of cloud to the connectivity world. Built for businesses who want connectivity that works.