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Public cloud platforms present a clear transformational shift in IT delivery and are a game changer for large organisations and government departments. Our big business cloud solution set offers a cloud agnostic approach to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform through our cloud discovery & feasibility, migration, optimisation and managed services; as well as digital transformation

We also offer cloud security for users, services and infrastructure and a unique approach to cloud connectivity with next gen network technology.

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  • Discovery & Feasibility.

    We’re specialists in creating and delivering executable cloud strategies that are tailored to an organisation, with a focus on service velocity. No more guesswork. No wasteful over-provisioning. Just peace of mind that you’re making the best decisions for tangible business results. We pride ourselves on our methodology and toolset which result in data-driven contextual insights.

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  • Migration.

    Once a cloud provider has been selected, we’ll move your organisation to the cloud leveraging insights gathered during discovery, along with our proven toolsets, people and experience to deliver the optimum cloud experience.

    Our Cloud Adoption Framework means we’ll work with you to identify a priority card of workloads and infrastructure that you’d like to migrate based on the business objective(s) for the migration:

    • Cost-out
    • Robust and secure platform
    • Agile and automated
    • Appetite for business risk

    To date we’ve delivered 50+ migrations, so we know what we’re talking about. You can take a look at some of our customer success stories here.

  • Optimisation.

    Reduced cost is a key benefit of doing business in the cloud. The Instillery’s expertise in cost visibility, management and delivery of proactive cloud managed services goes beyond simply managing multiple multi-cloud environments.

    Through our enterprise engagements in cloud migration, optimisation and cost reduction we’ve also transferred our IP into our own visibility tools including our The Instillery Cloud Calculator and Clearstate app.

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  • Cloud Foundations.

    Our cloud managed service toolset has been designed with big business and government organisations in mind, ensuring innovation, speed, savings and compliance assurances which are often difficult to manage in an on-premise environment.

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