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This is a country where we value sharing. The importance of this belief is reflected in our new urban architecture where shared space, multifunctional hospitality precincts are increasingly the norm.

We know that retail and hospitality business owners are run off their feet; managing staff, inventory, accounts, and everything else it takes to run a store, along with spending time working in-store themselves. And we can’t forget marketing. A fundamental in driving sales and growth!

That’s where Collect comes in. Collect’s tools offer everything you need for retail and hospitality to increase sales in-store and online, grow customer loyalty and leverage customer data. Thanks to tight integrations with point-of-sale and eCommerce software, once you’ve set up your loyalty and marketing programs with Collect, everything runs smoothly in the background, saving you valuable time that you can spend running your business. Here’s what we mean…

Want to encourage repeat business?

Using Collect Loyalty you can create a loyalty program to grow repeat business, increase sales and encourage friend referrals. You can create and customize a loyalty program to suit your store with a ladder of rewards that encourages customers to keep spending and refer their friends to shop with you. The built-in friend referrals are a must have, with 71% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase based on a referral [Hubspot].

With built-in Apple Wallet and point-of-sale and eCommerce integrations, it’s quick and easy to sign customers up, reward points for purchase automatically, and redeem unique reward coupons hassle free at checkout. And with optional automated points balance and rewards emails your customers are kept up-to-date and engaged with your business. According to loyalty marketing experts Amia, customers who redeem at least 3 rewards maintain higher spending and greater lifetime customer value.


Want to make the most of customer milestones?

Reach customers at the right time with automated email offers. Using Collect Automation you can set up trigger-based offers using customer and purchase data to send them marketing offers when it counts to get results. Marketing automation can boost sales revenue by 34% [Pardot] because offers are more relevant to the customer. Set up a Happy Birthday offer to delight customers on their special day, a thanks for shopping offer for first time customers, or a VIP offer for those who have shopped with you X number of times.


Running a promotion?

Collect Offers makes this job quick and easy, and takes care of all the grunt work setting the discount up in point-of-sale and your eCommerce account. You can choose to broadcast an email offer to your entire customer database or target your audience based on customer and purchase data. With built-in Apple Wallet and unique coupon codes that are easy to redeem at checkout, Offers is perfect for moving idle stock, introducing a new product range or running a sale.


Simply want to keep your mailing list updated?

If you send an email newsletter, you’ve probably experienced the time consuming process of exporting your customers from point-of-sale and eCommerce and importing them into your mailing list every time you want to send an email. With Collect MailSync you can cut this time completely. MailSync automatically syncs your customer data, keeping your mailing list up-to-date automatically in leading email marketing tools.


All of these tools can be used alone and work great together to provide a complete loyalty and marketing solution to help retailers grow valuable and long lasting customer relationships. If you want to learn more about any of these tools talk one of our team.

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