Clearstate Consulting.

The Instillery’s Clearstate consulting services are tested, trusted and proven by homegrown and global leading companies. Having worked with a host of organisations who are on a similar trajectory with their ICT provisioning, we provide actionable insights for cloud-first infrastructure that enables businesses to leverage existing investments and address business stresspoints.

Take advantage of our whole-of-business, end-to-end approach to ‘consult, deliver, and support’ better practices for your organisation through cloud managed services resulting in actionable insights.

With The Instillery as your partner, the DevOps principles delivered through Clearstate will bring agility to your business and IT organisation while accelerating your journey to the cloud.

Clearstate Benefits
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    Get a clear picture of your current architecture and what it should look like in its future state allowing you to leverage existing investments.

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    Remove the complexity of infrastructure architectures and benefit from streamlined processes enabling you to focus on your core business.

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    Gain control over cloud applications and expose black ops IT, bringing it out of the shadows. Enhance user experience for business applications using bandwidth control.

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    Enhance your business agility and take advantage of simple, efficient, and scalable solutions built on the AWS platform.

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    Understand what you’re spending on maintaining your infrastructure and how you can optimise business costs and productivity in line with your organisation’s goals.

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    Ensure your organisation has resilience, recovery and peace of mind with infrastructure that is robust, secure and self-healing. Protect all users and all devices from the most sophisticated and advanced threats.

Clearstate Features.

Reduce Hardware Vendor Lock In

Reduce your reliance on expensive legacy hardware and software by transitioning to cloud managed services.

Cloud Migration

Take the pain out of migration, we can help you to migrate, test and deploy business critical infrastructure, applications and workloads to the cloud.


Deploy apps. Manage systems. Through automation we aim to remove costly labour-intensive IT and crush complexity – delivering a robust and repeatable foundation for DevOps.

Continuous Delivery

By using continuous delivery practices and tools, software can be deployed rapidly, repeatedly and reliably. If a deployment fails, it can be automatically rolled back to a previous version.


Container orchestration, management and security for enterprise.

Devops Process

Ensure understanding of the value of DevOps process and practice for your organisation. Advance your DevOps and continuous delivery capabilities for increased automation and efficiency and the associated productivity gains and cost reductions.


Trust an independent assessment from a team of certified, experienced and focused cloud specialists.

IP Protection

Prevent intellectual property and corporate data from being stolen or lost.

Monitor your Spending

Regulate your spending with enterprise-wide reporting for operations, finance and management. Track critical trends and spikes with customisable dashboards, reports and email alerts.

Optimise your Costs & Cloud Spending

Right-size your spending with usage analytics and reserved instance portfolio management.

Apply Costs Correctly

Obtain cost/performance optimisation, chargeback and showback across multiple business units and geographies.


Whether the preference is Slack or Hipchat, both are workplace chat interfaces purpose built for communication. Everything is in one place and searchable. Available on any device.

Employee Development

Empower your employees to learn and grow through a learning platform that can be accessed from any device.

Partner & Customer Training

Give your customers ecosystem partners such as digital agencies on demand access to courses and leverage your core brand in minutes, not months – avoiding lengthy onboarding of new partners.

Process Certification

Deploy compliance training faster, automate re-certifications and get the reporting you need.

Our Clearstate Customers.

Clearstate App (coming soon)

The Instillery is working to instill the rapidly evolving power of cloud and analytics supported by our own extensive experience in this field by providing world-leading business applications into the hands of Kiwi organisations.


From global SaaS providers, to universities through to Banks, Healthcare providers and lean social enterprise startups, this approach is literally transforming the way these organisations do business.

We always strive to challenge the norm and be ahead of the curve – evident in our own in-house innovations where we’re evolving internal consulting processes to reduce the reliance on highly-skilled professionals and are moving towards the development of automated applications to complement our services process.

The pending launch of the Clearstate app for AWS clients is the culmination of over a year’s worth of planning, research, development and testing which provides us with a globally scalable cloud practice, reducing the cost of adoption and accelerating access to our game changing approach to public cloud.

What is

A single pane of glass to view and optimise all of your AWS public cloud deployments including both Live and Historical data. helps monitor, optimise and automate day to day Cloud administration and management operations.

Who is it for?

The app provides cloud administrators, engineers and developers with knowledge and power to optimise their cloud systems for optimal performance in diverse, complex production environments.’s intuitive interface also delivers powerful insights for business stakeholders, ensuring nothing is lost in translation. You don’t need to be a tech guru to benefit from Clearstate – the app provides straightforward and valuable information for C-level executives too.

Whether you manage a small or large cloud environment for your organization, or are simply experimenting for research or dev purposes, will provide the critical visibility and control you need to improve your cloud operations.

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