Deputy – making staff admin as easy as ordering a coffee

July 17, 2017

Deputy, one of our newest recruits, is a complete online staff management toolkit allowing you to automate your workforce and spend more time on things that matter. Why is Deputy so good? We reckon Deputy is pretty darn clever and just so easy to use. Integrating with lots of other commonly used hospitality apps, Deputy lets you create rosters in minutes, connect and manage your team, process time sheets and payroll from any device, any time and at any location. All of this functionality saves you time and hassle and provides you with plenty of visibility in a simple to navigate, secure app. Integration with other hospitality apps Deputy’s biggest … Read More

Meet Gene – The Instillery’s Deputy expert

July 17, 2017

Computers, bikes and cars; Meet Gene – The Instillery’s Deputy expert From our team, meet Gene. He is a Cloud Specialist, Support Team member and resident Deputy expert. As one of the stars of our Support Team, Gene is often the voice you’ll hear on the other end of the line if you need help with your technology. Gene’s also responsible for setting up our new customer accounts, software activations and hardware installations. Gene can be found in the office, or onsite with our customers, completing hardware installations. As one of the stars of our Support Team, he’s often the voice you’ll hear on the other end of the line … Read More

The Instillery at Shopify Unite 2017 San Francisco

June 2, 2017

The Future of E-commerce Shopify’s annual conference was recently held in San Francisco. This is where the Shopify team and developers can come together to share new features and talk about the future of Shopify and e-commerce. This year, our e-commerce expert, Jack Downs (Creator Of Things/ Front-End Developer @ The Instillery), attended the Shopify conference to get amongst the booming e-commerce industry and learn from the best in the entrepreneurial tech scene. Shopify has grown to 1 million active subscribers as of 2017, showing that Shopify is a trusted platform used by a large range of online merchants. Shopify maintains and builds on this user trust by making a … Read More

The AWS re:Invent announcements you need to know about.

December 4, 2016

Last week some of The Instillery team were living it up in Vegas while attending the world’s largest public cloud conference. Referred to by some as “Cloud Heaven” the AWS re:Invent conference attracts over 24,000 people from around the world and has over 400 breakout sessions, bootcamps, certification opportunities and training events. And what a week it was. The team have come back fizzing about the next tranche of exciting new technologies, managed services and features that were announced at the re:Invent conference by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. Here’s the skinny on those key AWS re:Invent announcements you absolutely need to know about. Go grab yourself a coffee and buckle … Read More

The Instillery does Vegas at AWS re:Invent

November 30, 2016

This week some of The Instillery team are living it up in Vegas while attending the world’s largest public cloud conference. Referred to by some as “Cloud Heaven” the AWS re:Invent conference attracts over 24,000 people from around the world and has over 400 breakout sessions, bootcamps, certification opportunities and training events. The team have been invited by our partners AWS and Cloudability to attend and hear more on global industry trends and the next iteration of cloud computing as businesses transition from traditional data centres to the public cloud. While there, they’ll also be joining forces with other Kiwi tech companies like Xero to do a recon mission to … Read More

The Instillery Group scoops ‘world first’ Cloudability partnership for NZ & Pacific Islands

November 3, 2016 – 02 November 2016 The Instillery Group has scored a lucrative partnership with data-driven cloud cost management provider Cloudability, in what the company calls a ‘world-first’ partnership. The Instillery will now become the Elite Exclusive Cloudability partner for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, allowing customers to access a broader range of cloud services in reliability, business agility and reduced cost of delivery. “The Instillery’s partnership with Cloudability will enable organisations who have adopted public cloud strategies to visualise all of their cloud spending in one place,” explains The Instillery CEO Mike Jenkins. “Cost and cloud usage data is aggregated from multiple platforms including both Amazon Web Services and … Read More

If the likes of Netflix, Spotify & Twitter can go down what does that mean for my organisation?

October 25, 2016

So Netflix was down….that’s a big deal, how does this relate to my organisation? If nothing else, the events over the weekend and the past 12 months should act as a reminder to have a discussion with your executive team about your current security posture to specifically understand: What the impact and cost would be for your organisation if you were a casualty of a DDoS attack? How much down time you would have until your organisation could restore normal service? What actions can / could / should you be taking now to avoid a DDoS attack? In our second blog of this two part series we’re laying out what steps you can take to prevent your organisation being comprised … Read More

Say What? My Netflix is down!

October 25, 2016

Wondering what on earth we are on about? Let us catch you up….Whilst we were kicking back here on the deck in NZ enjoying our Labour weekend barbie, quite a few people in the US were trying to login to their Netflix to be met with an error. They may have then jumped to their Spotify account or their Twitter feed which were also unresponsive. Coincidence? Unfortunately not. All of these sites, plus many others, were impacted by  a “well organised and globally distributed” DDoS attack which disrupted a significant portion of global Internet traffic, starting in the US, Europe and most recently affecting a handful of Aussie enterprises. In this two part … Read More

The Instillery signs with Zscaler

October 18, 2016

In 2016 cloud is the new normal for many organisations – here at the Instillery we’ve seen public cloud and SaaS adoption skyrocket over the past three years and that trend is only accelerating. Did you know that the average ANZAC enterprise now uses 1000+ cloud services, up 45% from the same quarter last year? SMEs have also jumped at the opportunity cloud presents and now use an average of 7 cloud delivered SaaS applications – from email, time tracking, accounting, workplace collaboration platforms to inventory management, CRM and Point of Sale systems. With the massive rise in cloud adoption, IT and security teams have had to adapt their trust … Read More

AWS Lambda : A Vehicle for disruption

July 18, 2016

Serverless architecture has a serious following and is key to the next gen of disruptive services on AWS. Today we introduce you to AWS Lambda – which in the minds of many is the most compelling service for green field startups. It’s extremely cost efficient, scalable, incredibly robust and supports familiar languages. What is AWS Lambda? AWS Lambda is code run on demand – either in response to an event, such as an API call or a time and date scheduled action. There is no concept of a machine, server, CPU or otherwise. Just code and memory required to run the code. Lambda is a game changer for those building … Read More

2016 Amazon Web Services Auckland Summit

June 30, 2016

Team Instillery were out in force at the 2016 AWS Summit in Auckland yesterday. The event was hosted downtown, at the most appropriate venue possible for a cloud technology conference: The Cloud. The conference was as we have come to expect from the worlds leading cloud infrastructure and ecosystem platform. It was well organised, high energy, provided excellent thought-provoking sessions by a number of phenomenal guest speakers. The keynote set the tone for the day with an amazing Internet of Things (IoT) demonstration by AWS Asia Pacific Head of Technology Glen Gore (albeit slightly watered down from the Sydney conference). Voice commands were given to an Amazon Echo, fed through … Read More

The Value of Collect

May 29, 2016

We know that retail and hospitality business owners are run off their feet; managing staff, inventory, accounts, and everything else it takes to run a store, along with spending time working in-store themselves. And we can’t forget marketing. A fundamental in driving sales and growth! That’s where Collect comes in. Collect’s tools offer everything you need for retail and hospitality to increase sales in-store and online, grow customer loyalty and leverage customer data. Thanks to tight integrations with point-of-sale and eCommerce software, once you’ve set up your loyalty and marketing programs with Collect, everything runs smoothly in the background, saving you valuable time that you can spend running your business. … Read More

​The Instillery goes Purple with smarter WiFi for Kiwi businesses

September 30, 2015 – 30 September 2015 The Instillery Group has confirmed a new partnership with Purple WiFi to become New Zealand’s first Cloud Managed Service Provider for the global social WiFi company. Terms of the deal will see Purple WiFi – who are distributed across New Zealand through Connector Systems – enable the Instillery to better assist businesses across New Zealand and Australia in utilising the value of WiFi and cloud technology. Andy Cronin, director of technology at The Instillery, says globally businesses and cities are realising the benefits of WiFi analytics and that the time has come for New Zealand to jump onboard and take advantage of this phenomenon. “We … Read More